Welcome to Southern Fours and Eights, the official website of the Morgan Owners Group South.

MOGSouth, the Morgan Owners Group South is a collection of Morgan enthusiasts mainly from the Southeastern United States and East Coast. The organization formally came into being in 1975, and held the first MOGSouth Meet in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 1976. MOGSouth celebrated its 40th anniversary at a meet in Aiken, South Carolina in 2015. In 2007 the MOGSouth club expanded when the Morgan Owners Group of Florida, GatorMOG, merged with MOGSouth.

Changes in the MOGSouth membership demographics necessitated a further revision to the club organization in 2023 .  We divided the large MOGSouth geographic area into up into regions.   In other words, MOGSouth is now the combination of three regions, MOGSouth – Western Region (primarily Alabama and Georgia), MOGSouth – Southern Region (basically the previous GatorMOG region, e.g.  Florida), and MOGSouth – Eastern Region (primarily North and South Carolinas).  In addition to an overall ‘MOGSouth Lead’, each regional area has a ‘Regional Lead’ to help coordinate the region’s Morgan related activities.

We are a very loose organization without a formal management structure. This is to say that volunteers are responsible for making everything happen.  Each Region holds various meets, noggins and gatherings within their respective regions.  Individuals can choose to align themselves with any of the MOGSouth Chapters, based on preference, friends, access, etc.  All meets and activities are hosted by a volunteer member of the region, the activity ‘host.’  MOGSouth was founded on this principle of ‘hosting’.  The Founders did not want a bunch of bylaws and rules and regulations; nor did they not want officers or other yearly responsibilities.

Past meets and parties have been held at (or near) member’s houses as well as several hotels, public houses (pubs), restaurants, or bed and breakfast establishments.

In addition to the MOGSouth activities many of us happily attend other Morgan Club events and often caravan to these activities together. Many of us also enjoy vintage racing.  Several of our members campaign their vintage racecars, which we enthusiastically support.

Unique to MOGSouth was the annual awarding of the Mother Courage Award.  Note:  This reward was retired after its 25th presentation, in 2023.

We are constantly trying to improve our communication with our membership. This website is a result of this effort. In the past we have published a newsletter, the Southern Fours and Eights. This newsletter was last published in 2015.  The Newsletter Archives provide copies of these older Newsletters.  This website provides more features, interactivity, electronic notification and automation that far exceeds what the Newsletter offered so this website is currently our primary method of communication.

We say that it is the cars that brought us together but it’s the people and friendships that keep us together. Please join us. You do not have to be a Morgan owner to be a member, you just need to have the same enthusiasm that all Morgan owners enjoy.