15 Jan

Winters in Florida!! You Live Where??

Whilst there are those of you tucked in, covered up and shivering – nestled around the drafty fire place with cold coffee, a tattered old comforter and dreams of the sun . . . we here in Florida are out.  Yes out!  In our shirt sleeves, driving our Morgans with the top down and, oh yes, sweating.  It’s 80°F!

Saturday brought us an impromptu run up the coast to lunch in Saint Augustine.  St Augustine is a spirited two hour run north for us in Central Florida and barely a leisurely hour drive south for those in Jacksonville.  It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and it claims to be the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement within the borders of the continental US.  This means lots of old buildings and lots of tourists.

John and Debbie Stanley, in their newly acquired Roadster traveled north from Deland, while Chuck and Karen Bernath, in their 1963 Plus 4, 4 Place, traveled south from their home in Jacksonville.

Rick and Sam Frazee in their BRG Roadster met Mark and Andrea Braunstein in Sanford, and then ran the back roads in convoy with Ugly Betty to St Augustine.  The last 5 minutes were stop and stop.  A religious protest shut down major routes.   Really no go, but then a break, the draw bridge was down and everyone dashed forward for 100 yards.  Luckily for us, while everyone else went left, we went right and arrived almost immediately at our designated lunch stop, O.C. Whites. O.C. White’s has a history dating back to 1790 but I won’t bore you with the details.  The good news, unlike many great spots in St Augustine, it had a parking lot!

The traffic had taken its toll on the cars.  They were hot and overheating.  A bit of Parking Lot diagnostics and we were all off to a great lunch and a cool beer.

Wish you were here!!

Cheers, Mark


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