24 Feb

GatorMOG Spring Noggin – 23 & 24 March 2018, The Villages, Florida

Tentative Agenda

[This is the best guess at the moment. Things could change, but . . .   This is primarily a GatorMOG activity however anyone is welcome to attend. If any of you Northerners want to thaw out, please come down.  Plan on this event!  It is going to be great fun! Mark]

Friday – 23 March 2018
(Changed) Meet at Rohan Recreation Centre at the south end of the Villages Hwy 44 & Morse Blvd for Coffee, Tea, and Juice.
(Changed) Depart to Polo Field in Convoy
(Changed) Arrive at Polo field, Tail Gate Party for Lunch. *** Bring your own Chairs and Bring Your Own Drinks (Alcoholic or Not) ***
*** Ladies must wear Silly Stylish Hats (This is Polo of Course!) ***
(Changed) Lunch on the field
(4:00pm) Depart Polo field to hotel
(5:30pm) Depart for dinner Glenview Golf and Country Club (casual).
– After Dinner Depart Country Club for Hotel. Park Morgans
– Walk to ‘Spanish Springs’ town square for live music and drinks and dancing.
(9:00pm) Depart back to hotel

Saturday – 24 March 2018
(9:30 am) Depart Hotel. Drive through Spanish Springs
(10:00am) Travel to Sumter Landing (Park Morgans. Walking tour (~1 hour).
(11:15am) Lunch Sumter Landing (location TBD).
(12:30pm) Depart for Brownwood Town
– Arrive at Eisenhower Recreation Centre for Tour (~30 Mins)
(2:00pm) Depart Eisenhower Centre to Brownwood Town Square
(2:10pm) Arrive Brownwood. Short Stop (~30 Mins)
– Depart travel to new town – Finney
– Visit New Recreation Centre. Afternoon drinks and short nature walk (coffee).
(5:00pm) Depart home or Hotel (people staying visit town square for music, dancing and dinner.).

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