05 Apr

2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet (Franklin, Tennessee) 27 – 29 April, 2018 – Final Update

I can’t tell how excited we are to have you here in Historic Franklin!!

Just as a reminder the MOGSouth Spring Meet will be held 27 – 29 April, 2018 in Franklin Tennessee.  See previous posts for hotel information and added itinerary information.

My initial itinerary pretty much stays the same but I’ve added a few specifics.  The Hampton Inn your staying at has great parking for trailers. Our hospitality area is their breakfast lounge. VERY comfortable! It will as normal be open before and after dinner each evening.

Next to the hotel is Jonathan’s Restaurant and just to the left up the hill are a few more otpions.   Kona, Kings (sports bar),  Conners Restaurant (a little higher class – steaks and seafood) and a little further down is the Cheesecake Factory.

Mike Wolfe’s (TV’s Pickers fame) Mini Museum is still under construction but we will be parking there for lunch.  Hopefully, more.

After we return from the ride we’ll go back to the Hampton. For those not going to the museum it will give you a couple of hours to shop,explore Franklin.

For those going to the Lane Museum you are in for a real treat!  If you’ve been to Amelia Island Concours you will recognize some of the cars.   Please google the”Lane Car Museum” if you are on the fence about going.

All of this will be in your meet package upon arrival.

Please feel free to call me with any questions.  Tom Perkins, 615-406- 9311, Tom@teamperkins.com

Safe travels!

Your hosts:  Tom Perkins, (Other friends helping Ian, Tony and Rick)


PS: the Hampton does serve breakfast


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