25 Apr

2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet – Last Minute Notes

Well I think we’re ready for ya’ll! We are excited to have you coming to our town. I just got off the phone with the Local British Car Club President. He’s pulling all stops to get as many members to the local Cars and Coffee. He’s expecting a big turnout, and we are to be a big part of it.

That being said he’s also setting aside an area for us and suggests our getting there around 7AM if possible. I know everyone will be tired after two days of driving but I told him I’d throw it out there. We’ll discuss it Friday at the Hospitality Suite at the hotel.

Safe travels! To repeat myself, we are really excited to have you all here!!
Warmest regards,

Tom Perkins

2 thoughts on “2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet – Last Minute Notes

  1. Hey, Mark
    Hope you will post lots of photos. That is my home country-grew up not far from Columbia and traveled in the area for most of my young life. thanks.

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