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2020 Cars and Coffee at the Amelia Island Concours (Mar 6 & 7)

As many of you know, the Amelia Island, GA Concours d’Elegance weekend is traditionally a big weekend for MOGSouth. For many of us, the start to the new Morgan year. This year will be similar to the previous few years. We have our MOGSouth Noggin on Friday (6 March) evening and we will again participate in the Saturday (7 March) Cars and Coffee. The formal Concours d’Elegance is scheduled for Sunday (8 March) but has in the past been moved up to Saturday if the weather is challenging.

As is the norm you have to register for the 2020 Cars & Coffee at Amelia Island event to bring your Morgan and you have to be accepted.  (They will send a letter.) You need not register if you don’t want to bring your car and simply want to spectate. However, it is best to register, even if you are unsure. The registration form is attached below. The earlier you register, the more likely you will be accepted. They are limited in the number of cars accepted due to space constraints, so don’t procrastinate. Register now!!

The MOGSouth Spring Noggin will again be on Friday (6 March), starting at 5PM until going until whenever, at the Salt Life Food Shack, 39 N Fletcher Ave Fernandina Beach, FL 32034. Note: this is the same restaurant as this past spring. All reports of this location were good, to include good parking, so bring your Morgan. Only the weather was a negative. It was cool so bring a jacket.

Last year we had the dealers, the factory representatives and a new car display, so obviously we had a great turn out of Morgans and more than 50 folks from the Morgan community! I suspect we will again have a great turn out so you will want to be there.

Then Saturday morning (7 March), those of us with Morgans, will all gather at 0730 at the Surf Restaurant’s front parking lot, along A1A (3199 S. Fletcher Avenue, Amelia Island, FL.)

From experience we know that if we don’t arrive together, we will be parked where ever they have a space, and most likely not together.

We will only wait at the Surf Restaurant for 10 minutes or less, so don’t be late!

For those coming from out of town, there are a number of Lodging options. You can stay on Amelia Island or in Fernandina Beach, if you can get a room (they go very fast) and you are willing to pay the price (they are very expensive.) Alternatively there is a Hampton Inn, Jacksonville East, Regency Square that is just south of the Jacksonville -395 bridge over the St Johns River and just a short (45 – 50 min) drive along FL-105 to Amelia Island.

Plan on a great Morgan weekend and we hope to see you there!!

Cheers, Mark

6 thoughts on “2020 Cars and Coffee at the Amelia Island Concours (Mar 6 & 7)

  1. Last year I alone suggested and got the Morgan factory to come to Amelia Island which was a overwhelming success selling 2 new cars over the weekend.Christopher John Ltd paid half of the expenses for the event split with the factory . I arranged for the dealer meeting and all the dealers came out east to attend which was great. I paid to have new cars brought to the concourse as well as the signage used for the display . Perhaps this was never explained . The gentleman from the factory loved the event and the visit . It opened their eyes to the enthusiasm for the brand and the untapped potential here in the states .

    • Christopher, this is good information that I am sure will be eye opening to most of the folks. This event and others reinforce your capabilities and presence within our Morgan community and cannot be anything but good for your business. We are all glad you and Christopher John are here.


  2. I would love to know how many Morgans from the club have been registered and accepted? What was it capped at and who was running it. What was the acceptance based on? Who is running this event for the club? Please answer my questions?

      • Mark, are you telling me that there was no limit on the number of cars allowed. Is the “acceptance”still open? If not when was it Closed? I am a bit confused, I had signed up months ago and even got a spot on the field. At that time Amelia Island had not had one response from Mog South. No one contacted me I reserved my rooms for the weekend and left it that way .
        In the fall the Concourse contacted me again and asked if I still wanted the slot. They still had no idea about Mog South. I gave up my “Slot” . Does anyone have any idea whats going on?

        • Bruce, the limit on cars varies based on the space they, the organizers of the event, allocate for the Cars and Coffee. It has varied over the years as they have figured out how to fit in more cars. This is a money making event for them. The more cars they find space for, the more money they can make.

          I don’t know if acceptance is still open or not. This event is not sponsored by MOGSouth. It has nothing to do with MOGSouth. They would have no need to know anything about MOGSouth. Members from MOGSouth simply go together as a group, just like we might all go to a movie. The instructions about the event were sent to everyone in MOGSouth and are now on the MOGSouth website. I have personally gone 5 times or more, but have never been asked if I still wanted my slot. This seems odd. Typically, if you applied to the Amelia Island ‘Cars and Coffee at the Concours’ they would send you a note saying that you were accepted. This note is what is needed to get into the event. Sort of like a ticket. Without it, they will not let you in. If you sent in your application too late, they would send you a note saying that you were not accepted.


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