23 Sep

Low Miles 1998 Rover Plus 8 for Sale!!

  • Purchased from Cantab Motors in Oct 2003. 
  • I am the second owner.
  • Black with red piping.
  • The interior is red with black piping.
  • Mileage is 16,680.
  • Dayton 72 spoke stainless wire wheels.
  • external door handles.
  • Sony AM/FM radio.
  • Black rivenwood top and tonneau cover.
  • Luggage rack.
  • Leather straps for hood and luggage rack.
  • Lucas drivng lights.
  • Badge bar.
  • Installed Koni shocks.
  • Upgraded Chip.

My contact info is : Frank Navratil Email: franknavratil@charter.net cell: 412-512-9002 Located in Knoxville TN

20 Sep

2019 MOGSouth Fall Meet Pinehurst, NC (13-15 Sep) – Report from the Field !!

The 2019 MOGSouth Fall Meet.  Pinehurst, North Carolina this time.  I have been to Pinehurst several times in the past.  My experiences were not that good.  (Long story, mostly weather-related, ask Jack.)

But this was different.  This was the best I have ever seen Pinehurst!!   All of the MOGSouth members in the Pinehurst area joined forces to organize the event and what a team!  They overachieved!!  They even controlled the weather!!  How’d they do that?  A big thank you to the Zimmermans, Carrolls, Vincents, and Moodies. 

An absolutely great event!  I counted 20 Morgans (not including a certain Grand Daughter!) and it didn’t stop there.  Even if you aren’t enamored with Morgans, there were several other interesting cars amongst the MOGSouth contingent.  A Mini Moke, a few Porsches, a Corvette, a Mini Van, and a new Alfa.  I know there were others that I can’t seem to recall. 

Wow!  We even had a Morgan race car in the hotel lobby!

Andrea and I turned the weekend into a week-long event by taking the Auto Train to Lorton, VA., a few days early.  We hung out in Virginia visiting old friends (we used to live there back in the late 1980s and early 1990s) for a few days and then drove South in time for the Fall Meet in Pinehurst.

Once we arrived at the meet hotel, were given a ‘Welcome Packet’ specifically for us.  Well, it had our name on it and everything?  I guess they wanted to be sure we got the best stuff?! 

The packet included Pinehurst Community brochures (I would need a month to see it all!), targeted advertisements, golf tees, Christopher John LTD trinkets, Morgan Spares Key Chains, note pads, etc.  Even the bag itself was customized with MOGSouth and the event details.  We were impressed.

As is the tradition, a Noggin had been set up for the arriving MOGSouth members and friends.  Beer, wine, cold cuts, etc.  Some had planned to go out for dinner but soon reconsidered and stayed to graze (there was a contingent that had gone out to an Oyster Bar for dinner).  A few beers and a chat with friends.  Then I went to soak my head.  It was a long drive down from Virginia.  Then back to the Noggin for more beer.  Good stuff!!

Saturday included a quick tour of the sites of Pinehurst, NC and the locals were out in force.  I do believe we had our pictures taken a number of times as the Morgans snaked their way around the town. 

Then we were off for the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove.  The Center was at the end of a lovely Morgan run.  Scenic roads, twisty bits and a smattering of local color.  On display were the works of many of the regional potters.  Just walking around the Center and Shop, I was in awe.  The colors, shapes, imagination, etc.!  Then we got a demonstration of ‘throwing clay’ from one of the local artisans. 

The potter, whom we named ‘Harry’ (not sure what his real name was?) a young(er) fellow, but obviously skilled and passionate about his chosen calling.  He provided us with an enthralling demonstration of the pottery art, quickly ‘throwing’ stoneware cups and a matching pitcher.  All the while, he answered a great many of our somewhat naive questions. 

I think they were expecting us at lunch.  The entire restaurant was a single large ‘family style’ table.  Sort of an Italian place with a great selection.  Folks got subs; I got a small Pizza and a box to take home the leftovers.

After lunch we traveled just a short way to Sports Leicht Restorations (SLR), Inc.  SLR is an automotive restoration shop that has had many of the cars that they restored win lots and lots of awards at some of the most prestigious Concours d’Elegance shows around the country.  Quite a resume!  The tour of the facility was given by Bjorn, the owner.  The facility was spacious and clean.  Two things you definitely want, if you are going to have a car restored.  SLR restored all sorts of cars but it looks like the Mercedes SL190s and 300SL Gull Wings were a specialty.  They seemed to be everywhere, even on the rotisserie (a neat tool that turns cars upside down).  This certainly gave the Mercedes fans among us a bit of a buzz.  These are rare and expensive cars!  I do have to say though, that the Morgan, without a unibody like the Mercedes, makes for a much simpler (and cheaper!) restoration project.

Saturday evening involved an interesting adventure with the hotel shuttle and dinner at the Iron Wood Café.  A wonderful place that had set tables up for our group outside.  We had white tablecloths and adjoining patio . . . but there were pinecones (historically representative of human enlightenment??)  Of course, this doesn’t necessarily apply to me.

We were able choose from several delectable dinner choices.  Mine was perfect, but I don’t know about the others.  I suspect their choices were just as good.  This is one of the best Restaurants in Pinehurst!  A few MOGSouth remarks, a thank you to our hosts and back on the shuttle to the hotel. 

And of course, a beer, or two, in the bar and off to bed.  I just didn’t want it to end!!

The morning came and a few active sorts were off to play a round of golf.  Nothing that healthy for me, I just had to pack the car, find my way out of the parking lot (a lot harder than it sounds!) and head home.  

Again, a wonderful meet and a huge thank you to those involved in making it so.  I am sure everyone who attended will not soon forget the fun we had, and will find their way back to Pinehurst in the near future!  I know I will.

Cheers, Mark

FYI, there is a gallery of Photos from the 2019 Fall Meet also posted on the MOGSouth Web Site.

10 Sep

Morgan M3W (3 wheeler) for Sale !!

If you are looking for something that draws attention and is a blast to drive, this is it!

Feel like a rock star and get more smiles per mile than anything you have ever driven!

  • 2012 One owner, clean title – All factory up grades have been performed
  • Dark green with tan interior
  • Flying Tiger graphics w/ custom pin striping
  • Wire wheels w/ 2 ear knock off hubs
  • 2.0 liter X wedge engine
  • 5 speed transmission
  • Front steer–rear wheel drive
  • Factory luggage rack
  • 2 way factory intercom

$45,000 – Recently Reduced!!

Call Bob (256) 488 – 5661 or (256) 276 – 1331 — Car is in Alabama.

06 Sep

1964 Morgan Plus 4 – 4 Seater For Sale!

The factory stopped making the 4 Seater a few years ago, so only the vintage 4 Seaters are available now. There are many reasons to love the Plus 4, 4 Seater. I know I certainly do. And, this is a good one! $20,000

Well Equipped

  • 1964 +4, 4 Seater
  • Older Restoration
  • Only 26K miles
  • Excellent Condition
  • Doors and Body by Ron Gardner
  • Engine / Transmission Internals from Bob Couch
  • All Weather Equipment
  • Driving Lights
  • Luggage Rack
  • Related Books

Well Maintained

  • New Gas Tank
  • New Wiring Harness
  • New Koni Shock Absorbers
  • Recent (10K) Kin Pins, Bushes, Lower Seals
  • Recent Brake Maintenance Includes;
    • Brake Calipers & Wheel Cylinder Rebuild
    • New Brake Master Cylinder
  • Spare Engine, Engine Head
  • Many Other Spares Parts

Drive this car Anywhere!

  • Car is Located in Marietta, GA

Contact Information

ro279@msn.com   (email for lots more pictures)