20 Jun

Available Morgan Parts!!

Morgan Plus 8 3.5L Engine – Professionally Rebuilt in 2019. 3.5L Block with mostly all new parts. 4,000$ (The heads (new) are worth that!!) Comes with 1 free original +8 radiator and 1 free original +8 steering wheel.

Universal 4 Car Dollies for sale.  $50 for the set of 4.  Includes 4 free jack stands. 

Free delivery for any item is not included. Buyer pays postage if shipped. However, Pick Up vic Sarasota Florida is free.

Phone: (941) 923-6702 Email: 62morgan44@gmail.com

15 Jun

2020 GatorMOG Road Trip to MOGSouth’s Fall Meet in Clarksdale, MS

All of this is dependent on an ‘open’ environment for travel and a confirmed ‘go ahead’ decision on the MOGSouth Fall Meet in Mississippi. 

Although this activity is labeled as a GatorMOG event, everyone is invited. The MOGSouth Fall Meet is a good distance from those members in Florida, so a road trip was designed. Others are welcome to join us as we make our way to Mississippi, but do let Mark Braunstein know that you intend to join the road trip and at what location you think you will link up. That way we can look for you!

This Road Trip is designed to be relatively easy.  It limits the drives to 4-6 hours per day.  This allows us the time to eat breakfast, leave at a reasonable time in the morning (e.g. 0830 – 0900) stop for lunch and still arrive at our destination before dark.  It also takes in the need for a few nature breaks along the way.  Hell, we are getting older and a few stops are a necessity these days.  

We should arrive early enough, each afternoon, to get checked into the hotel, deal with any car issues (if necessary) and have sufficient time to clean up – all before we find a beer and dinner.

Note:  There are NO designated room blocks at the various hotels as our party, on this road trip, is not expected to be big enough to justify room blocks.  That being said, use whatever discount rate options you might have, AAA, Military, AARP, Senior Citizen, etc. 

Where provided below, the turn-by-turn instructions are mostly courtesy Google Maps and they may have errors.  They are just there to give you some idea of the route.   I have attempted to find a path that avoids highways and takes relatively scenic routes to Clarksdale, Mississippi (Fall Meet Headquarters).  The plan also includes some time driving on the Natchez Trace.  If you find you are on your own, follow your GPS to the next hotel or stop.  We will travel at speeds that should allow folks to follow without issues, but there may be construction or detours or other things that alter our plans. 

Note there is a one hour time difference between Orlando, FL and Clarksdale, MS.  Times shown in this document are all local times.

The details of this road trip get us to Clarksdale, MS for the MOGSouth Fall Meet.  Following the Fall Meet, we will depart Clarksdale, MS on Sunday morning for Memphis, TN.   Gotta’ go to Graceland and see Elvis!!  After that, our plans are very tentative. Anything is possible!

After seeing Graceland and the Elvis exhibits in Memphis, the road trip will dissolve.  Some will continue on as a group for a while and others will scatter to find their own way home.  

Action:  Notify Mark Braunstein if you are participating in the Road Trip and where you will join up with the others, e.g. Apalachicola, Fairhope, etc. 

Action:  You must make your own hotel reservations (and there are NO Morgan Group Rates) for the hotels identified at the various stops on this Road Trip.  Use whatever discount options you have, AAA, Military, AARP, etc.  And there are no identified hotels for the days after the Fall Meet in Clarksdale, MS.  So be prepared for more reservations after we leave and head home. 

Action:  You must make your own MOGSouth Fall Meet hotel reservations in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  There is a Group Rate (and use MOGSouth when making reservations.)  The details are provided by Joe Speetjens and posted on the MOGSouth Web Site.  There are specific requirements so please visit the web site before you attempt to make reservations.

Day 1 (Tuesday, 27 Oct) – Travel from Home to Apalachicola, FL

This day is a travel day that gets us all to the Gulf Coast.  For some it may be a short day and for others, it may be a longer day.  Hopefully, all will arrive in the mid to late afternoon.  Then we can simply take in the scenic views of Apalachicola.  It is believed that there will be folks that will join the rest of the group in Apalachicola. 

  • Breakfast – At Home
  • Lunch Stop – On Your Own
  • Hotel – Two Choices – Pick One (Using Google Maps, they appear to less than ½ mile apart.)
    • Water Street Hotel & Marina, www.waterstreethotel.com , 329 Water St, Apalachicola, FL 32320Appears to be More Modern Looking – Cheaper
    • Gibson Hotel https://www.gibsoninn.com/, 51 Avenue, Venue C, Apalachicola, FL 32320 – Appears to have Lots of Character – Pricier
  • Dinner Stop – We will figure it out when we get there.

Day 2 (Wednesday, 28 Oct) – Apalachicola, FL to Fairhope Alabama 4 h 48 min (212 mi)

Fairhope, Alabama is home to long time Morganeer and MOGSouth Club Member, Tony McLaughlin, the owner and maintainer of Morganville, the online Morgan Register. (www.morganville.org)  Tony is our host for a MOGSouth / GatorMOG Road Trip Party in the evening.  Remember, there will a one hour time change on route to Fair Hope, AL.

  • Breakfast – TBD – Need to find a Breakfast Location
  • Lunch Stop vic Pensacola – TBD – We will figure it out when we get there.
    • Follow US-90 W to County Rd 54 in Robertsdale (52 min (35.7 mi))
    • Take AL-104 W to N Greeno Rd in Fairhope (16 min (11.6 mi))
  • Per Tony –
    • Stay on US 98 from Apalachicola and go until you see a state highway 399 to the south at Navarre Beach, about 10 miles west of Ft. Walton, FL.
    • Take it and get on the beach road. It’s all pure white sand the entire trek, looking at the Gulf from there.
    • If the weather is bad, I would not do it, because it is at sea level. The scenery is terrific though! Follow it until the end, go across Pensacola Beach Bridge, and rejoin Hwy 98.
    • Stay on 98 through Pensacola, going west.  DON’T do what Google tells you, but stay on 98 through Foley, AL
    • You will enter Foley, go straight ahead on 98 for around 12-15 more miles, until you see a 4 way stop, with a Shell Station on the right. Do NOT go right on 98 here (That’s just the 4-lane into Fairhope), but go STRAIGHT ahead on ALTERNATE 98, which will curve to the right after 2 miles, and take you up a very scenic road along Mobile Bay, about 6-8 miles. Beautiful Scenery!
    • You will pass Gambino’s Restaurant where we will eat and go about 1/2 mile until you see Fairhope Pier. That is the intersection of Fairhope Avenue.
    • Take a right up Fairhope Avenue, go 4 blocks, or the second traffic light, to Section St., and then turn left on Section St.
    • The Hampton Inn is 1/2 block on your left, and free covered parking is behind the hotel, down the alley way on its left.
  • Hotel – Hampton Inn Fairhope, https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/mobfhhx-hampton-fairhope-mobile-bay/, 23 N Section St, Fairhope, AL 36532
  • Dinner Party – Gambino’s in Fairhope, which is on Mobile Bay. Host – Tony McLaughlin

Day 3 (Thursday, 29 Oct) – Fairhope, AL to Hammond, LA 4 h 23 min (168 mi)

Hammond is some 45 mins from New Orleans or Baton Rouge.  We should get there early afternoon.  So you have options.  Staying North of New Orleans allows us flexibility on Friday to drive on the Natchez Trace. 

  • Breakfast – At Hotel
    • Depart 0900
    • Follow Fairhope Ave to US-98 W/N Greeno Rd (4 min (1.1 mi))
    • Continue on US-98 W. Take MS-26 W, LA-21 S and E U.S. Hwy 190 W to State Rte 1067 in Tangipahoa Parish (3 h 49 min (184 mi))
    • Follow State Rte 1067 and Old Covington Hwy to S Holly St in Hammond
  • Lunch Stop – TBD – We will find our own Lunch, depending on time and numbers.
    • Arrive Hammond, LA early afternoon.
  • Dinner Stop – Lots of Choices in Hammond.

Day 4 (Friday, 30 Oct) – Hammond, LA to Clarksdale, MS 6 hrs (325 mi)

This day is mainly a travel day to the Fall Meet location.  It is a longer route, staying off the highway, however; we can gain about an hour should we opt for the highway.  Better to leave early and minimize the stops (lunch, gas, etc.)  We can travel the Natchez Trace some.   We should get there in the mid to late afternoon and have time to get settled and find the Hospitality Suite.

  • Breakfast – At Hotel
    • Depart 0900
    • Take LA-1064 W and LA-43 N to LA-10 W/LA-441 N in 5 (41 min (30.7 mi))
    • Turn left onto LA-10 W/LA-441 N 46 s (0.6 mi)
    • Follow LA-441 N, MS-584 W and MS-24 W to MS-33 N in Gloster (47 min (42.1 mi))
    • Turn right onto MS-33 N (18 min (17.5 mi))
    • Turn left onto Liberty Rd (24 min (20.0 mi))
    • Turn left onto Lissie St/Natchez Trace Pkwy (2 min (0.6 mi))
    • Drive from US-61 N and Natchez Trace Pkwy to Hinds County (1 h 8 min (67.5 mi))
  • Lunch Stop – TBD – Accommodations for ?? People
    • Continue to follow Natchez Trace Pkwy (1 h 13 min (66.3 mi))
    • Follow MS-27 N to US-61 N in Vicksburg (20 min (17.6 mi))
    • Follow US-61 N to MS-161 N in Clarksdale (2 h 21 min (140 mi))
    • Continue on MS-161 N. Drive to 3rd Street (7 min (3.0 mi))
  • Arrive Clarksdale, Mississippi – Travelers Hotel, 212 3rd St, Clarksdale, MS 38614

Hotel – MOGSouth Fall Meet Hotel, The Travelers Hotel (Clarksdale, MS)

Day 4/5 (Fri / Sat, 30/31 Oct) – MOGSouth Fall Meet Clarksdale, MS

Day 6 (Sunday, 1 Nov) – Clarksdale, MS to Memphis, TN

This day is a travel day to Memphis and to visit Graceland.  Those wishing to join the convoy and go to Memphis are welcome.  Otherwise, head home!!  Absolutely no plans have been made for hotel and meals.  We are winging it!

  1. Breakfast – At Hotel
  2. Depart 0900
  3. Lunch Stop in Memphis, TN
  4. Graceland – Elvis!
  5. Hotel – Vic Graceland (Memphis, TN)
  6. Dinner Stop

Day 7 (Monday, 2 Nov) – Memphis, TN to Montgomery, AL

This day is basically a travel day headed back to Florida.  If you have alternate plans, don’t follow us!  Our plan is to get to Montgomery, AL.  Absolutely no plans have been made for hotel and meals.  We are winging it!

  1. Breakfast – At Hotel
  2. Depart 0900
  3. Lunch Stop Vic Jasper, AL
  4. Hotel – Vic Montgomery, AL
  5. Dinner Stop

Day 8 (Tuesday, 3 Nov) – Montgomery, AL to Lake City, FL

This day is basically a travel day headed back to Florida.  If you have alternate plans, don’t follow us!  Our plan is to get to Lake City, FL.  Absolutely no plans have been made for hotel and meals.  We are winging it!

  1. Breakfast – At Hotel
  2. Depart 0900
  3. Lunch Stop Vic Tallahassee, FL
  4. Hotel – Vic Lake City, FL
  5. Dinner Stop –
13 Jun

The Very British Morgan Revamps the Plus Four

(13 June 2020 / https://www.barrons.com/)

Don’t let the old world styling fool you—the 2021 Morgan Plus Four offers serious performance.Morgan photo

The Morgan Motor Company is  a fascinating remnant of a once-thriving British car industry. Morgan was founded in 1909 by H.F.S. Morgan, whose first product was the delightfully wacky Morgan Three Wheeler, a car that the company put back into production in 2011 after 50 years away. Morgan has sold more than 2,000 of the model since then, and it also showed an electric version, the EV3, in 2016. 

That’s the kind of sports car company Morgan is. Its approach is the very opposite taken by the American automakers in the 1950s and ’60s. The Yanks changed styling every year, but left the mundane mechanicals exactly the same. The Morgans then as now, are constantly evolving mechanically, but wear bodywork that’s basically prewar, right down to the ash wood framing. 

Morgan owners are very loyal. Waits of six months or so are normal. Electrical engineer Gerry Willburn is membership director of the Morgan Plus Four club of Southern California, and owns three of the cars, from 1946, 1956, and 1975. His Morgan ownership goes back to 1959, when the family bought a Plus Four Drophead Coupe. Willburn says Morgans are “living antiques.” He adds, “I can’t imagine not owning one.”

Morgans are built in Malvern, England, a spa town in Worcestershire, where the company was founded all those years ago. Some 800 to 900 are sold globally in a good year, and revenue was £33.8 million in 2018.

But Morgan hopes to up the ante to a heady 1,400 annual sales with the launch of the new version of the Plus Four, as a 2021 model. The car was launched in Britain last March with a price of £62,995 ($78,798), but while the American market is very important to the company, there’s no U.S. release date or pricing yet. The name denotes a four-cylinder engine, but not the Triumph power plants of old—instead there’s a two-liter, 255-horsepower BMW turbo, connected to a modern six-speed manual transmission. The car may still look like something P.G. Wodehouse Bertie Wooster would zip around in, but it can reach 62 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds and get near 150 miles per hour. 

The leather and wood ambience is very British.Morgan photo

The new Plus Four shares a new aluminum platform (dubbed CX) with the six-cylinder Plus Six announced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. That one also has BMW power, and produces a mighty 335 horsepower. The Plus Four was supposed to debut at the same event this year, but Covid meant that the show didn’t happen. 

Fairly sacrilegious for a Plus Four Morgan buyer is the choice of an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission (with manual shifting capability). The auto is, in fact, the only choice in the Plus Six. The axiom used to be that automatics slowed cars down, but the technology has gotten so much better. In the Morgan’s case, it’s the manual that compromises performance, in part because of added weight.

Owning one of these cars still involves some old-world compromises. There’s Bluetooth stereo connectivity, but the top is manual and securing it involves pop fasteners. The car has side curtains instead of roll-up or power windows. There’s no airbag, traction, or stability control, but ABS brakes are a feature. 

The 1950s British sports car was very popular with American buyers, so much so that England became a leading automotive trading partner. But quality problems were rife, the industry was crippled with strikes, and the company’s Lucas electrical systems were dubbed “the Prince of Darkness.” By the time the Mazda Miata (modeled on the very English Lotus Elan) came along in 1989, the British industry was moribund. But Morgan was keeping its candle lit. 

Morgan was the last family-owned carmaker in Britain, with the fourth generation involved, but in 2019, a majority stake was sold to the Italian financial group InvestIndustrial. Don’t expect the cars to start looking like Fiats, though. The brand’s whole appeal is the traditional British history and legacy.

07 Jun

2020 MOGSouth Fall Meet – Mississippi Delta (Oct 30-31) Update

(Update as of 7 June 2020)

The 2020 MOGSouth Fall Meet’s Headquarters Hotel is the Travelers Hotel in Clarksdale, MS, 212 Third Street, Clarksdale, MS 38614, (662) 483-0693, email: hi@stayattravelers.com web site: https://www.stayattravelers.com/ The contact people are Ann Williams or Chuck Rutledge, and you can reach them at (662) 483-0693.

Please note that at The Travelers Hotel, the MOGSOUTH code is ONLY VALID when you book through the website, in person, or over the phone.  It will not work if someone tries to reserve a room through a booking channel like Expedia or Booking.com.

A second location, just around the corner, with additional lodging is the Ground Zero Blues Club, Clarksdale, MS, 387 Delta Avenue, Clarksdale, MS 38614, For Hotel Accommodations at the Ground Zero Blues Club, Please Call Stacy Stanberry.  Her number is 1-662-719-7050.  Please call her first.  If, and only if, you cannot contact Stacy, call Tameal at 1-662-621-9009.  Tameal is the manager and she really doesn’t handle reservations unless Stacy is unavailable. Web Site: https://www.groundzerobluesclub.com/

Please look at the various location’s web sites to determine which facility is best for you. Note the MOGSouth Hospitality Suite will be in the Morgan Freeman Room of the Ground Zero Blues Club. Also, On Halloween night, there will be a costume party at Ground Zero, and there will be terrific music. It should be a really wonderful experience.

If you want another blues experience, Red’s in Clarksdale is your best bet.  Other recommended eating spots are Grandma’s Pancake House and Stone Pony Pizza.

The cut-off date to book rooms (at either Ground Zero or The Travelers) at the MOGSouth rate for October 30 and 31st, 2020 is September 18, 2020.

Make reservations now even if there is a possibility you will have a conflict. If you find that you cannot make the trip, you will still have plenty of time to cancel.  Be advised, there are a limited number of rooms at both hotels, so please go ahead and make reservations now.

Simply mention you are with MOGSouth to get the discounted rate.


06 Jun

Morgan 100 Programme 10

[Another Programme in the Morgan 100 series has just been released. This one focuses on the ‘vintage’ Morgan Three Wheeler (it predates the new Morgan Three Wheeler by a few years!) Enjoy, Mark]

03 Jun

MOGSouth Joins the Future?

We tried Facebook but it didn’t work. Too much spam, not enough Morgan! We got everything from racial jokes, political opinions, sexual images, etc., and got nothing we really wanted. It took too much time to keep it civil, so it was shut down.

There were lots of recommendations, some for and some against, and quite a bit of prodding but finally, finally, MOGSouth has joined the ‘social media’ revolution. MOGSouth now has a ‘Facebook’ page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2717810941772129

Be a friend, request to join the group, do all those other things you do with Facebook. Post photos, videos or just comments about things in your life. Have at it, but please try to keep it focused on MOGSouth and the Morgan community. It really isn’t a place for politics, religion, inappropriate jokes, etc. We have a very diverse club and we certainly don’t want to alienate others.

Now, don’t think this thing is the panacea and cure all for everything that is not perfect about MOGSouth, but it should give us more of a presence among those of us that are a bit more ‘connected’ than others and maybe, just maybe it will attract a few folks of the ‘younger’ persuasion!

Also, at this point in time, I am a Luddite when it comes to functioning within the Facebook application. I don’t have a clue what button to push or icon to energize. Please don’t think bad of me for not responding to a question or a comment. I probably haven’t seen it or else, I simply am incapable of making the thing work as I think it should. Hopefully, this will get better with time. But, you never know!!

Cheers, Mark