10 Aug

2020 MOGSouth Fall Meet (Mississippi) is Cancelled!!

We have decided to CANCEL the upcoming MOGSouth Fall Meet, in Mississippi over the Halloween Weekend, due to the Virus.

Rest assured, this decision was not made in a vacuum or done in a less than thorough manner. Lots of involved folks were queried and their inputs were seriously taken under consideration. Obviously, the GatorMOG Road Trip, that was planned to get the Florida members to Mississippi, has also been canceled.

As has been previously published, the 2020 MOGSouth Spring Meet in Little Switzerland, was postponed for a calendar year, and now will be held May 7-9, 2021. Go to MOGSouth Spring Meet for details.

We may reschedule this Mississippi Meet for next fall (2021), but that is still TBD. We would hate to have all the great work Joe and Cynthia Speetjens have done to organize this meet get thrown away. However, there were other activities planned for the fall of 2021 that may preclude us from doing this.

Joe has already let the hotels, restaurants and others know we are not coming as our event has been cancelled. However you should still call and cancel any hotel reservations you may have made.

If you have a strong opinion about going or not going to Mississippi, send an email to Mogsouth@yahoo.com and let us know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “2020 MOGSouth Fall Meet (Mississippi) is Cancelled!!

  1. As much as I hate not going anywhere this year it appears to be the way everything is headed until such time as there is a viable vaccine out for all of us old farts!

  2. We are so disappointed…but we ubderstand..we are still sheltering here…whenever you want to resurrect this Blues Weekend for MOG South..any Fall or spring..we will be there…thaks for all your work to date…

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