13 Nov

Lovely, Well Maintained 1964 Plus 4 for Sale

1964 Plus 4, No. 5610, TR4A,  engine, Dual Zenith Stromberg CD175 (replaced original carbs in 1981. Carbs were mfg for 1969-1970 Jaguar XKE)

Approximately 17,700 miles

Purchased from David Chiles in High Point, NC in Dec. 1980. David rebuilt the car prior to my ownership in 1978, 10,000 miles.

Mechanicals restoration in 1982.  Restored chrome parts, gauges, wiring harness, new teak dashboard, leather interior and exterior paint, some upgrades like PL1 headlights. New interior leather, new British wool carpeting.  Frame coated with zinc chromate primer and gloss black Rustoleum. All fasteners replaced with SS. Finish was changed from BRG to dark blue with clear coat applied.

In 1996, at 14,000 miles in anticipation of a 3 year UK move, body panels removed, stripped own, checked for rust, re-primed and painted the current bright red with two clear coats. At the same time, the wood frame was inspected and showed no beginnings of dry rot, and the frame was repainted with an architectural gloss black epoxy based coating.

In 2015, at 17,000, rubber parts, gaskets, brake shoes, hoses, sliding pillars replaced.  Engine completely rebuilt. New clutch, starter, speedo cable installed and Carbs rebuilt. Petronix electronic ignition installed. New gas tank and fuel sender installed. 

In 2019, Chrome spoke wire wheels and knock offs replace the painted originals.  New tubeless Michelin radials. 

To bring the car to 100% – new carpets, a new temp gauge sender and the 60 year old leather could stand a refresh.  The car has been garaged 100% since 1982 and I know has only seen the rain twice in the last 40 years.

I wouldn’t be selling it if it wasn’t for my wife’s concerns about driving it around a city like Charlotte.  Huge SUV’s don’t even notice the little red roadster in the right lane next to them before switching lanes!

The car is vic of Charlotte NC.  For pick up, the car would have to be paid for and bill of sale executed. Same for shipping.  Buyer would have to arrange for shipping from North Carolina. Contact Seller for More Information or Pictures.

Alan Aron, Charlotte, NC, 704-957-5785 or Ajaron133@att.net

4 thoughts on “Lovely, Well Maintained 1964 Plus 4 for Sale

  1. Beautiful car. Have owned 3 Morgans in the past, seriously considering another. I live in Deep Gap, NC, not far from you. Would appreciate you letting me know the price and also, is there a Top for the car?

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