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The Morgan 3 Wheeler Is Dead, Long Live the Limited-Edition P101 (Automobile, 11/18/2020)

[What I find interesting (and somewhat scary) is that the MMC Factory Web Site shows only 3 models currently available – the M3W, the CX Plus 6 and the CX Plus 4. The announced CX Roadster and the CX 4/4 are not on the web site (I don’t know what the situation is with them) so with the M3W going away, the only cars left are the Plus 6 and Plus 4. Neither of which are likely to be coming to the US anytime soon. It makes one wonder what the dealers will sell and what’s in our future? Mark]

After a decade, the delightfully anachronistic Morgan 3 Wheeler will say its goodbyes. Morgan revived this classic form factor in 2011, which was last produced in 1952 and superseded by the long-lived 4/4 Roadster (and its derivatives). That project was known internally as P101, and so to celebrate the end of the current 3 Wheeler’s production run, the company’s whipped up a P101 limited edition model.

First, why is the 3 Wheeler ending production? For one, its V-twin engine, an X-Wedge unit produced by S&S, will have its type approval expire and it appears that it won’t be renewed. Without an engine supplier, Morgan will opt to cease production of the current iteration of the 3 Wheeler – a hint, perhaps, that a new 3 Wheeler with a different power plant might be in the future.

[The previously posted Drive article states an electric vehicle is coming?  Mark]

Now, let’s take a closer look at the limited-edition P101 model, which Morgan will limit to just 33 models. Its most prominent detail is a translucent tonneau over the passenger seat, giving the P101 a striking asymmetrical look. It has a slightly yellow hue, looking aged or perhaps like something fitted to a Golden Era race car. Adding to the asymmetry, one exhaust pipe features a white ceramic coating, the other black.

Other details are heritage-inspired, like the solid “Aero-disc” wheels and large Hella spotlights.  

[I concur, the disc wheels do look superb! Mark]

Several paint schemes are available, each celebrating a different retro theme: Belly Tank, Dazzleship, Aviator, and Race Car. It’s apparent what most are an homage to, but if you’re not familiar with World War I naval warfare, the “Dazzleship” graphics are a reference to “dazzle painting,” an early form of camouflage intended to make it difficult for enemy ships to accurately target the vessel. The treatment looked incredible—and so does the Dazzleship 3 Wheeler—although the camo’s effectiveness is debatable.

This special edition will be available in the U.S., as well as Europe, and pricing starts at £45,000 (roughly $59,500 at today’s exchange rates)in the U.K. Morgan says that “bespoke” 3 Wheelers will continue to be produced alongside the P101 editions until production ends. 

[I suspect all the dealers will have some allocation. Contact your favorite dealer if interested.  Mark]

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