29 Mar

Lee Gaskins’ Morgan Parts and Treasures

Folks, Lee Gaskins sold his palatial house and garage and has downsized. He now needs to get the following Morgan parts and cars into the hands of others. In addition to those listed there are lots of used wire wheels, NOS chassis frame for a Morgan, miscellaneous hood, fenders and body parts. Also 2 Triumph engines and a Lotus twin cam engine.

Lee is looking for any reasonable offer on any of the car parts. Lee has not individually priced anything on purpose because he truly just needs to find new homes for all of the above.

Lee is also ready to sell his white 1967 DHC Morgan that he’s owned for 15 yrs. Current mileage is 28K. He’d like to sell it for $30,000.

He also has a 1994 Jaguar XJS 6 cyl convertible for sale – flamingo red w/tan interior last tagged in 2019. Mileage around 90,000. Also a rare 1947 MG TC EXU Export model. Lee’s owned this car since 1966.

Photos of the cars (and the listed parts!) are available if desired.

Gary and Judy Heck are helping Lee temporarily store these items, so contact Judy at heckgj@aol.com, 404-234-0948 if interested in any or all and she will put you in touch with Lee directly.


1) Pair of NOS alloy Morgan Super Sport fenders
2) Used Morgan nose fits +4 ‘54-‘68
3) Morgan nose NOS part # 1M3100 mfg 12/1997
4) Morgan grille – broken in lower R fits ‘54-‘68
5) Morgan grille – broken in lower L fits ‘54–‘68 +4 4/4
6) Used Morgan ‘54-‘68 front fenders
7) Used flat rad cowl
8&9) Used Morgan +4 rear fenders fit ‘54-‘68
10) Pair of NOS 3 wheel Morgan fenders fits ‘35 and maybe others
11) Used Morgan gas tank fits ‘55-60s 4 seater
12) Used Morgan gas tank fits ‘54-‘68 +4 4/4
13) Used TR3/TR4 carburetors 4 with manifolds – 1 separate manifold
14) Set of 4 NIB Morgan knock off wheel hubs
15) Pair of Morgan 3 wheel fenders
16) 2 pair of used Weber air filters
17) 2 Weber carburetors Part# 45 DCOE
18) Triumph rebuilt head 302137 for +4 Morgan
19) Triumph rebuilt head 302137
20) 6 Morgan steel wheel hub caps – 1 with very slight dent
21) 4 used Morgan steel wheel hub caps
22) Modified TR4 oil pan enlarged for racing
23) Morgan super soft leather interior for ‘54-‘68 car with bucket seats
24) Pair of GE head lamps w/cloth wires
25) Morgan radiator fits +4 4/4 embossed with “EJ Bowman, White House St., Birmingham 89145”
26) 2 Triumph air filter housing for Morgan +4
27) Exhaust manifold fits mid 60s TR or Morgan embossed with DA 14221 304164
28&29) Rowland radiator fits Morgan +4 mid 60s embossed with 57830
30&31) Morgan +8 radiator
32) TR3 reconditioned crankshaft 010 main 010 rod
33) TR3 reconditioned crankshaft 010 main 020 rod
34) TR3 valve cover
35) TR3 intake manifold w/Stromberg carburetor
36) TR3 reground cam shaft 300 mech 110 degrees
37) New Triumph distributor Mallory part# 2332001
38) New Morgan knock-off wheel hubs 1 RH and 1 LH
39) Set of 4 15” diameter 6” wide wire wheels marked RSM 67 6L X15 KE – made in England
40) Pair of used Brookland Aero Screens
41) Pair of Aero Screens – unmarked
42) 3 Aero Screens with hardware only 1 marked Brookland – 1 has cracked glass
43) Mini-Lite style 15”x6” wheels – set of 4 very good condition

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