26 Jun

1995 +8+ (LS3 Corvette Conversion) For Sale by Owner, $65K – $70K

  • LS3 Corvette conversion by Bill Fink of Isis fame and Keith Baldwin, ex-Morgan employee.
  • 4 wheel disk brakes
  • Tremac T56 6 speed transmission
  • Camaro rear end
  • 2 year old tires
  • 46K Miles on conversion
  • Over-sized radiator
  • Out-of-site Bluetooth sound system
  • 2 convertible tops (both in excellent  condition)
  • 1 extra chrome wire wheel

Call or email Joe Speetjens, 211 Belle PointeMadison, MS 39110, if interested.


2 thoughts on “1995 +8+ (LS3 Corvette Conversion) For Sale by Owner, $65K – $70K

  1. I know this car well! It’s been meticulously
    Cared for by Joe. Hope the new owner
    Loves it as much as Joe!

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