14 Aug

2020 MOGSouth Holiday Party (5 Dec) Peachtree City, GA is CANCELLED

Well, the good news keeps on coming! We have just been notified that our venue for the 2020 MOGSouth Holiday Party, planned for 5 December in Peachtree City, GA will not open to the public, at least for the foreseeable future. It could happen but it would be an unacceptable risk to blindly drive on with the current plan. And, although we do have some time to re-wicker our plans, the primary reason we were going to Peachtree City was this venue. Without this venue, we wouldn’t really have much of Holiday Party.

That being said, we will look at the possibility of using this venue next year for the 2021 MOGSouth Holiday Party. I was pretty enthused by the opportunity and I would hope others would have enjoyed it as well.

This also necessitates the deferment of the 2020 Mother Courage Award presentation. The 2019 Awardees, the Gary and Judy Heck, will retain the award for another year until it can be presented once again in 2021.

Just to reiterate, the 2020 MOGSouth Holiday Party, previously scheduled for 5 Dec, in Peachtree City, GA has been CANCELLED.