09 May

2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet – Report from the Field

Contrary to common belief, at least by those in Florida

that the world is flat . . .

it isn’t.

It really is somewhat hilly or rolling with green trees and farmer’s fields, accentuated by sporadic bands of colors (e.g.  the reds, pinks, whites and yellows) provided by the blooming wildflowers along the roadway.

The weather was clear and in the 70s. Cloudless skies and no humidity!

Absolutely glorious and with the top down on the Morgan .  .  . darn near perfection!  This is why we have this car!!

Good thing it was such a pretty drive because it was a long way for us from Florida.  It took us a good two days.

Most of the Florida contingent, of those attending the 2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet in Franklin Tennessee, were scattered across Florida so a convoy both days was problematic.  We decided to all proceed from home on our own and meet up at a designated rendezvous point en route.  We chose Columbus Georgia / Phenix City Alabama as that rendezvous point.  (Other Floridians had planned to join us but life got in the way.)   That begs the question.  “Is there life outside of Morgan??”

We eventually had three in our group. Tom and Kathy Coryn in their wonderful 2005 Aero 8, Mark and Andrea Braunstein in the newly acquired 2005 Roadster, and Peter McManemy in his lovely 1998 ‘gun metal gray’ Plus 8.  (Other folks from Florida charted their own paths to Franklin.)  Upon arrival to Columbus, we cleaned up, then met in the bar and then headed to dinner together.  Day one was long but enjoyable, until things shifted left.

Andrea’s Dad who is in Memory Care, near where we live, took a fall and had to be hospitalized.  This necessitated that Andrea rent a car in Columbus and head back to Orlando to assist her father.  As it turns out, he is diabetic and the fall was likely due to a blood sugar drop.  Her Dad is 93 years old and can’t really fend for himself so Andrea’s presence back in Orlando was necessary.  I, on the other hand, was deemed useless and should go on to Franklin.

So on the second day of travel to Franklin, Andrea headed to Orlando and I motored on with the MOGSouth convoy to Franklin.  Again pretty roads, lovely weather and the top down.

We stopped for lunch in Guntersville Alabama.  As we travelled through Guntersville something seemed odd.   Bits and pieces looked vaguely familiar.  I couldn’t remember being there until I passed a place where I got Propane and remembered the green 1985 Propane Plus 8 I rescued a few years back.  This car was being pursued by several MOGSouth members but in the end it was rejected by all.  So I bought it.

This car was converted to gasoline and eventually sold to my good friend Richard Ihns.  As I understand it, he is now knee deep is a full restoration of the car in Clayton Georgia.   When we came out from lunch there were folks looking at our cars and remarked they had just ‘texted’ a friend who used to own a green Propane Plus 8.  Small World.

We arrived in Franklin Tennessee to a hotel full of Morgans and Morgan folks. Folks we haven’t seen in a good while, e.g. John and Carolyn Wade, Cynthia Speetjens, Ron and Libby Davis and many more.  A great turnout!   There were 4/4s, Plus 4s, Roadsters, Plus 8s, Aero 8s and even a new Three Wheeler (M3W) in the parking lot.   There was some concern that Franklin TN was too far west  and we wouldn’t have anyone attend?  Well, attendance was not a problem!  Most of us found dinner at the adjacent sports bar, Jonathons.   It was nice but very loud.

The Nashville Predators Hockey Team was playing in the early rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and they were on all the silly TV screens and the place was full of local fans.  Yes, very loud.  We went back to the hospitality suite as soon as we could.  Who’d of thought of the MOGSouth gaggle as quiet??

We couldn’t stay up too late as the plan for Saturday had us all participating in the local Cars and Coffee.  And, it started way too early.  We got there and parked. Quite a crowd and the Morgans made a big impression on the local Nashville British Car Club.  Good thing McDonalds was right there.   We brought the cars, but it was the Coffee.

After a bit we gathered up the Morgans and the MOGSouth crew and motored on.  Franklin is just lovely.  We were told that those that supposedly live in Nashville (e.g. the big Country Music stars, etc.) most likely really live in Franklin.  Understandable, simply gorgeous.  We passed Tim McGraw and Faith Hills’ estate, now for sale . . . any interest???  Then found our way to Mike Wolfe’s warehouse (Mike is the star of The American Pickers on TV’s History Channel) and saw a few items Mike had featured on the show.  Quite a bit of rusty stuff but still interesting.

Then it was lunch.  A choice off the chalk board, and then another run to more sites.  The afternoon offered the Lane Auto Museum, local shopping or a nap. I opted for the nap as I had been battling the pollen or the start of a cold or some such.  Very good choice.  Felt much better afterwards.

We then drove to dinner at a wonder Italian restaurant, a local favorite and they were ready for us, with a long expansive table along the window.  Wonderful!  Then back to the hotel for more hospitality room.

Unfortunately the weekend ended on Sunday with Breakfast and goodbyes at the hotel. The traveling trio from Florida was down to two, with Peter opting to find his own route to meet up with friends along the way home.  Tom Coryn and I drove back and again the weather was lovely and, of course, the top was down.  We found a hotel after a good day’s drive and went to bed early.  It was good to wind down after such a great weekend.   Then came Monday.

Again great roads and short diversion to  Wakulla Springs.   That’s a pretty place and offers lots of opportunities for future Morgan outings.

Then I was home.  It was good to be home, however I somehow wished I was still out and about.   The 2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet was one not to have missed and I really didn’t want it to end.  I had my newly acquired 2005 Roadster and I think I finally bonded with all the foreign switchology and new fangled gadgets.

Driving a Morgan over these roads, in this weather, was the what and why of these cars.  Seeing MOGSouth friends is always great and this meet brought out some we haven’t seen for a while.

If you were there, you know what I mean.  If not, I’m sorry and you should be too.

See you all in in the Fall!!


25 Apr

2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet – Last Minute Notes

Well I think we’re ready for ya’ll! We are excited to have you coming to our town. I just got off the phone with the Local British Car Club President. He’s pulling all stops to get as many members to the local Cars and Coffee. He’s expecting a big turnout, and we are to be a big part of it.

That being said he’s also setting aside an area for us and suggests our getting there around 7AM if possible. I know everyone will be tired after two days of driving but I told him I’d throw it out there. We’ll discuss it Friday at the Hospitality Suite at the hotel.

Safe travels! To repeat myself, we are really excited to have you all here!!
Warmest regards,

Tom Perkins

05 Apr

2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet (Franklin, Tennessee) 27 – 29 April, 2018 – Final Update

I can’t tell how excited we are to have you here in Historic Franklin!!

Just as a reminder the MOGSouth Spring Meet will be held 27 – 29 April, 2018 in Franklin Tennessee.  See previous posts for hotel information and added itinerary information.

My initial itinerary pretty much stays the same but I’ve added a few specifics.  The Hampton Inn your staying at has great parking for trailers. Our hospitality area is their breakfast lounge. VERY comfortable! It will as normal be open before and after dinner each evening.

Next to the hotel is Jonathan’s Restaurant and just to the left up the hill are a few more otpions.   Kona, Kings (sports bar),  Conners Restaurant (a little higher class – steaks and seafood) and a little further down is the Cheesecake Factory.

Mike Wolfe’s (TV’s Pickers fame) Mini Museum is still under construction but we will be parking there for lunch.  Hopefully, more.

After we return from the ride we’ll go back to the Hampton. For those not going to the museum it will give you a couple of hours to shop,explore Franklin.

For those going to the Lane Museum you are in for a real treat!  If you’ve been to Amelia Island Concours you will recognize some of the cars.   Please google the”Lane Car Museum” if you are on the fence about going.

All of this will be in your meet package upon arrival.

Please feel free to call me with any questions.  Tom Perkins, 615-406- 9311, Tom@teamperkins.com

Safe travels!

Your hosts:  Tom Perkins, (Other friends helping Ian, Tony and Rick)


PS: the Hampton does serve breakfast


20 Feb

2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet – Franklin, Tennessee

Hi!  I’m really excited to be hosting the MOGSouth Spring Meet this year!

Just as a reminder, the MOGSouth Spring Meet this year will be held in Franklin, Tennessee, April 27-29, 2018

Franklin, Tennessee is as we say “14 miles and a hundred years away from Nashville.“

For those that are interested there is a good web site that highlights the town. Click on  Franklin, TN Visitors Web Site

It’s perhaps best known for it being the site of a major Civil War battle downtown where one home the Carter House had 4 confederate generals laid out on the front porch.  I’d suggest that members interesting in learning more simple ‘google’ the city for a great tour.

Lodging will be at the Cool Springs Hampton Inn.  It’s just a few miles from downtown and is within walking distance of Four great restaurants for dinner on Friday.

Simply copy and paste the URL below into your browser to access the exclusive rates available for this group:

Booking Link: http://group.hamptoninn.com/mogsouth

Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville/Franklin (Cool Springs), Arrival Date: 4/25/2018, Departure Date: 4/29/2018

Group Name: MOGSouth

Please note, the entire URL must be copied and pasted for it to work properly.

Saturday will start with a Cars and Coffee just a couple of blocks away.  We will join a wide variety of cars, so everyone should have something interesting to look at.

From there we will go to ‘Liepers Fork’ for a pit stop to top off on gasloine at world famous Puckets grocery.   Nearby neighbors are Nichole Kidman, Justin Timberlake and Mike Wolfe from American Pickers.

We’ll start a road tour from there to Columbia Tennessee for lunch.  We have planned a tour of Mike Wolfe’s bike and car collection (you will recognize many from his TV show.)  A close friend is his wrench and partner in the building.

The rest of the weekend is still in the planning stage.  Lots of good options, like antique shopping in Franklin, Civil War tours, the Lane Car Museum, etc.  We will figure it out and let you know.

That evening we are going to a favorite Italian restaurant called “AMERIGOS” where we will have a private dining room to ourselves.  Whew, lots of moving parts!

Please feel free to share my phone number and or email address for any questions , concerns or needs.

More to follow !

Cheers, Tom

Tom Perkins, 615-406-9311, Tom@teamperkins.com






28 Jan

2018 Spring Meet Update

Just received this update on the Spring Meet.

For those of you concerned about the chaos and traffic of a big, vibrant city like Nashville, Tennessee, you can stop worrying.

The meet hosts have informed us that all of the activities will be focused in and around Franklin, Tennessee, which is some 20 minutes south of Nashville.