21 Oct

2021 Mother Courage Award – Solicitation for Nominees

As you all know, the Mother Courage Award (MOGSouth’s only annual award) will be presented at the MOGSouth Holiday Party, December 4th, Peachtree City, GA. Each year, potential awardees are nominated by the club membership at large and the new recipient is then selected, from those nominated, by the past three recipients of the award.  

To nominate a MOGSouth Club member for this award, simply send an email to Mark Braunstein at series1@cfl.rr.com with your choice(s). The criteria set in 1998 is that the recipient of the award should be the person or persons who best personify Dan and Nancilee’s love for people, Morgans and life. Nominees should be sent to Mark no later than 15 November 2021.

Past recipients of the award are listed on the MOGSouth web site at http://www.mogsouth.com/category/mother-courage-awards/ however it was decided in 2018 that MOGSouth members are eligible to receive the award multiple times.

Questions?? Ask Mark. mogsouth@yahoo.com or 407-322-5060

09 Aug

Mother Courage Awardees

  • 2019    Gary and Judy Heck
  • 2018    Dr. Richard Fohl
  • 2017    Jim and Colette Clark
  • 2016    Pat and Judy Buckley
  • 2015    Mae Councill
  • 2014    Dwight and Jackie Kinzer
  • 2013    Bev and Carlton Shriver
  • 2012    Joe and Cynthia Speetjens
  • 2011    Stacey Schepens
  • 2010    Andy and Anne Leo
  • 2009    Fred and Gay Hollinger
  • 2008    Sam and Rick Frazee
  • 2007    Lee and Trisha Gaskins
  • 2006    Glenn and Dorothy Moore
  • 2005    Graeme, Jenny, Emma and Robyn Addie
  • 2004    Mark and Andrea Braunstein
  • 2003    Dave and Sarah Chiles
  • 2002    Gene and Betsy McOmber
  • 2001    Dave and Marilyn Bondon
  • 2000    Charlie and Caroline King
  • 1999    Lance and Connie Lipscomb
  • 1998    Randy and Dale Johnson