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It’s 2024, so Dues are Due Again!! Wait, not so fast!!  

How to join MOGSouth?   Its Easy!!!

Dues for the calendar year are normally $25.  However, given our limited activities in 2023.  2024 is FREE!! 

(FYI, Supporter Advertisement Fees are still due!!  The MOGSouth web site was operational for 2023 so all advertising services were still provided!!)  

So for 2024 (no dues to pay but you still need to provide your contact information for the Membership Roster.  Just type it in an email and send it to

Dues will again be payable January 1st 2025.

It is a simple 2 Step process.

Step 1 – Skip step 1. 

Step 1 – Please MAIL your check payable to MOGSouth Car Club:

Stacey Schepens
2426 Monta Vista Way, Hoschton, GA 30548


Step 2 – We MUST Have the Following Information (just type it in an email and send it to 

Full Name, Postal Address, Email Address, Phone Numbers (Home and Cell) if you have both. 

Also, Please Identify anything you don’t want to be published in MOGSouth Membership Roster (tell us in the email) and we will omit this bit of information from the roster.