30 Oct

2017 GatorMOG Fall Noggin – West Palm Beach FL

GatorMOG went south. South to West Palm Beach Florida. (For those of you that are geographically challenged, that is really southern Florida.  Almost to Miami.)  But, in reality, it wasn’t really all that far. . . And it was well worth it . . . As it was all good. Very good!

The GatorMOG fall gathering this year was held in West Palm Beach and was hosted by Bennett and Mary Shuldman. Bennett and Mary moved to West Palm Beach a few years ago from Connecticut and officially joined GatorMOG and MOGSouth. South Florida needs more Morgans. (Actually there are quite a few Morgans in South Florida but we rarely seem them out and about. I suspect they are kept in air conditioned garages and only come out occasionally, when their owners, northern snow birds, come south for the winter.)

Mary and Bennett are quite active in MOGSouth and have been for some time.  Even when they lived in Connecticut.   I suspect that fact (or would like to believe it) may have contributed to their decision to relocate to Florida a few years ago. And, their desire to have GatorMOG come visit.

Bennett and Mary were the most gracious hosts we could have imagined. They opened their wonderful home to the group for Friday night dinner.

Their house is a museum of sorts with Mary’s music memorabilia and Bennett’s New York Yankees baseball collectables. Amazing! Their house is right on the water and we sat outside enjoying a very pleasant Florida evening.

To feed the crowd, they had an actual food truck park in the driveway to cook and serve us from the list of delectables on their gourmet menu. Quite unique and great fun!

We enjoyed the Florida sunset and finally had to find our way back to our hotel. We had a great group of Morgans . . . Plus 8s, Plus 4s and Roadsters, but it would appear that navigation really isn’t our forte. What started as a simple convoy soon became a few cars here and a few cars there. Some went left while others went right and some lost their headlights. But in the end, no real drama and we were all soon back at the hotel. Again, no consensus as some went up and some went to the bar . . .

Saturday started with omelets and coffee. A visit to a private car collection, Larry’s collection, was the plan. The weather was iffy and the discussion mostly centered on taking the Morgans out and risking the impending rain. The weather pundits on the internet and on television all thought the rain would hold off but then start about the time we were supposed to be returning to the hotel. In the end all but one of the Morgans hit the road.  A few SUVs also went.

Larry’s collection was beyond belief. Roughly 100 cars, all elegantly displayed on 4 post lifts with year appropriate license plates and die cast replicas of the full sized cars all in the appropriate colors. There were are a few works in progress with stories of component restorations in South American and assembly back here in Florida. Larry, it turns out, has a full time staff of about 10. (I have a staff but the dogs are really not much help!)

For the cars in work, there were shelves of waiting parts, nuts and bolts and other bits that would soon be added to the cars. A full library supported the restorations to ensure correctness and to assure proper assembly. An overhead loft with overstuffed chairs, a whiskey bar, and Persian rugs. This would be a hard place to leave.

The collection was housed in a facility with high ceilings allowing for country of origin or marque specific flags over each display and (just like all of our garages) several crystal chandeliers lighting each of the rooms. Really we were in awe, even those of the fairer sex.

Larry flew in, from California, to be with us and told of the history of each of the cars in the collection. He also was quite interested in the Morgans. He indicated his past ownership with Morgans but currently didn’t have any in the collection. Although he had a bit of everything, British, Italian, Scandinavian, even French, but the passion was obviously German and Porsche.

There was even a plan for lunch. Larry and staff had ordered Pizza.  A log table had been set up down the middle of the display room and when the pizza arrived we all sat with down with Larry and his team and talked . . . what else? Cars.

Then it was time to leave and yes, the rain did come and it came down with a vengeance.    The Morgans in the parking lot had their tops up and were fine . . . a bit wet, but fine.  We again found the hotel, with the plan for an afternoon Morgan show and tell, cancelled.   Ok, so we got a nap and chance to clean up before dinner.

Saturday dinner was arranged at Bennett and Mary’s neighborhood club house.  Again, they had over achieved.  We had a wonderful cocktail party telling tales and reminiscing about all things Morgan.  Then we sat down to a semi formal dinner with a wondrous buffet.

Elegant party gifts of Morgan Logo cuff links were given to the men at the dinner.  A lovely memento of a superb weekend in South Florida.

This event served to reiterate that geography and weather are nuisances that are easily overcome by the spirit,  friendship and camaraderie of great people in MOGSouth and GatorMOG.

Bennett and Mary Shuldman are certainly part of this crowd and we are very lucky to have them in our midst.

See photos of the event under ‘Photo Galleries’

23 Oct

MOGSouth Fall Meet – Report from the Field (Miller)

In the mountains of Clayton, Georgia                            September 15 – 17, 2017

The Fall Gathering of MogSouth was great.  The winds of hurricane Irma traveled up to north Georgia causing downed trees and power lines, but the area recovered in time for the gathering. Richard and Janet did a wonderful job of planning and providing a fun filled weekend.

Many of us gathered at Kingwood Resort Friday night. After some “Noggin” time we headed to the Moon Pie Italian Restaurant for dinner. We had a private room for our group. After ordering we had plenty of time to meet new people and get caught up with old friends. A day of travel and an evening of good food and conversation made us ready for an early turn in.

Saturday morning everybody was recharged with a nice buffet breakfast. Gary Heck provided a demonstration of his new car trailer soon to be in production. A brief meeting prepared the drivers of 14 three and four wheel Morgans and a few tin tops for a 35 mile tour through the Georgia hills. Richard had checked the route and found the roads cleared for travel. We had a brief stop at a historic covered bridge before arriving at our destination, Folk Pottery Museum of North East Georgia.

Back on the road we traveled to the Ihn’s home in the mountains. They have a beautiful home and setting for lunch on the porch. There was a bountiful buffet of sandwiches, salads, chips, beverages and cupcakes that were yummy!

After lunch Richard gave us a tour of his garage where he has a few cars in the process of restoration. We had the remainder of the afternoon to explore Clayton’s antique shops and boutiques.

Late afternoon the Kingwood gathering room was open for noggin before dinner. The MogSouth group had the whole restaurant with the exception of a few small tables. Our dinner selections arrived in waves and were all very tasty. We had time for more conversation and noggin during the dinner. Jim Clark presented Janet and Richard with a beautiful pottery plate hand made by Colette, commemorating the event and thanking the Ihns for a great Fall Gathering.

Early Sunday morning people were through the breakfast buffet and on the road home. A few stragglers were left to say goodbyes and thanks to the Ihns for a well-planned weekend and wonderful time. We all expressed our best wishes for recovery to our friends in Florida and neighboring states affected by Irma. Hope to see everyone in Athens Georgia for the Christmas Holiday Gathering December 1-3.

Brian & Rosie Miller

23 Oct

MOGSouth Fall Meet – Report from the Field (Moore)

This is a bit belated, but wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the Meet hosted by Richard and Janet Ihns.
They were exceptional in their planning and so hospitable and generous with the events for the weekend.   We arrived to find our selves the owners of bright green bags with the Morgan logo embossed on the front.  It held Yeti type stainless mugs with the Morgan insignia on them also and lots of edible goodies.
The weather was perfect for the entire meet, sunny and comfortable every day and evening.
Friday night most of us went to a pizza place after the first Noggin in the hotel restaurant’s bar area. Moon Pie was perfect for the large crowd that joined together; the food was very good,  the wait staff was friendly and fun and did not have a problem with so many individual bills.
Saturday we missed most of the rally time as we have a difficult time getting up and off at 9:00 am, but Richard gave us the route and so we enjoyed a good portion of it  on our own in our van.  We especially liked the ride up the mountain to their beautiful home where they had a sumptuous catered lunch for the entire crowd with beautiful gourmet cupcakes for dessert.  Most ate on their expansive covered porch area overlooking the river below.  It was a delightful setting and we were amazed to discover they designed and built this home without an architect involved; it is spectacular.  They insisted this lunch was their gift to the group, so generous of them.
Richard even had one of his maintenance men (or friend) build a ramp so Glenn could get into their home and enjoy the festivities….this was way above and beyond anything he needed to do, but so appreciated.
Richard’s workshop was a big event after lunch with his collection of cars (a lot of Jaguars if I remember correctly). It was the high point for all the Morgan owners…and his electric/hydraulic lift was the envy of everyone!!!
Another Noggin was held before dinner and this one also had lovely trays of cheeses and nibbles.
A private point that I am sure you are aware of; Graeme Addie was in attendance with his wife Jenny, his daughter, Emma, her husband and the 2 grandchildren and his friend Charles Harris with his new wife, Louise.  Graeme looked very ill and had that yellowish tinge to his skin that to me is a sign his liver was not working up to its normal potential.  It was kind of a very private celebration for Graeme and his family to make this meet and very touching for all our Morgan group gathered to witness.  It is painful to write this, but I would be remiss not to include it.
The evening dinner was at the Resort in their dining room adjoining the Noggin area and very pleasant with round tables so we could easily converse and enjoy our Morgan friends once again.
Collette Clark did her now traditional presentation  of a very intricate Fall ceramic platter she made to commemorate the Ihns’ hosting the weekend.
After the Fall Meet in Sept. Glenn and I continued on the road for 3+ weeks to vacation and visit family.
Dorothy and Glenn Moore
18 Aug

MOGSouth Fall Meet Attendees. Make Your Saturday Dinner Choices – Now!!

Greetings from Clayton GA!  The Fall Meet will soon be here! 

It is now time to make your choice for dinner to be served at the Kingwood Resort on Saturday evening (September 16th) at the Fall Meet.

You can choose one of the following:

[  ] Grilled Rosemary and Garlic Strips Steaks with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms or 

[  ] Five Ounce Filet topped off with a Red Wine Veal Demi glaze or 

[  ] Mountain Trout Pecan topped boneless filet accompanied with a Lemon & Parsley sauce or

[  ] Grilled and Cheese stuffed Portabella Mushroom or 

[  ] Pasta Primavera

Please let Richard at richardihns@gmail.com know of your choice, by name, as soon as possible

07 Aug

2017 MOGSouth Fall Meet Update (as of August 7th)

To all MOGSouth Fall Meet Attendees:

We will have some customized gifts for all of the MOGSouth Fall Meet attendees.

For everyone attending, please email me at richardihns@gmail.com your name and address as you would like to have on the gift. This will be an individual gift.

Unfortunately, being a surprise, we cannot provide any more information at this time.

This information is needed ASAP to make sure we have it done on time.


23 Jul

2017 GatorMOG Fall Noggin Update (as of July 23rd)

Greetings from West Palm Beach Florida!!

The 2017 GatorMOG Fall Noggin is October 27-29, in West Palm Beach, Florida

Please join our hosts Mary and Bennett Shuldman for a weekend in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The weekend will include a special private tour and lunch visit to The Wilson Collection.

The collection includes over 100 cars, European. American, with vintages mostly 1950 and 1960’s and 15 vintage road racing cars.  All finished cars are licensed and driven on a daily basis and all road racing cars compete in the Vintage series either VDCA, HRS or SCCA.

To see more about the collection visit their website:  www.wilson-collection.com

ID: car    Password: collection

Hotel reservations can be made as follows:  Embassy Suites Palm Beach Gardens  

4350 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, Phone 561-622-1000 or 800-362-2779

Name of Event:  GATORMOG – Fall 2017   Room rate:  $125/night

Please make your reservations by September 27, 2017 and send an email to Bennett at:  bshuldman@aol.com to confirm your attendance.

More details will follow to all those whom register.

06 Jul

Morgan 3 Wheeler Convention (WJBF News Channel 6 – Augusta GA)

Not sure how long this video will be available. It will ask you to view in YouTube, so you will have to click the link provided. If it doesn’t appear then it has most likely been removed by the owner. (WJBF News Channel – 6 Augusta GA) You will recognize a few MOGSouth members – Joe Speetjens, Lance & Connie Lipscomb, Mark Braunstein, and Greame Addie. Enjoy while you can! Mark

06 Jul

2017 MOGSouth Fall Meet Update (as of July 6th)

Happy Eclipse Year from Clayton Georgia!

As everyone knows the 2017 MOGSouth Fall Meet is taking place in Clayton Georgia over the weekend of September 15th (Friday) and September 16th (Saturday).

We are blessed with 75% of the county being National Forest and a cozy little town full of character.

The Kingswood Golf and Country Club Resort is a beautiful place and we have blocked 20 rooms at the resort hotel.  Rooms are $109.00/night plus taxes equaling $127.08.

There are also 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available for rent.  If you are interested in splitting and apartment with Morgan friends this might be a good choice.  Breakfast cost is $7.00/person plus tip.

We will have a hospitality room available at the club house for Friday arrival and Saturday before and after Dinner.

Dinner will be at the Kingswood Golf and Country Club Resort Club House on Saturday night at a cost of $30.00 per person including taxes and tip.

The menu main course will include a choice of a meat, fish or vegetarian.   We will be soliciting your preferences soon.

The program also includes a Saturday morning drive and lunch at a local restaurant.   Free time after lunch is planned for shopping and exploring our cute town of Clayton or a visit to my shop for those interested.

Don’t miss it… We will have lots of big surprises for everyone.   Hope to see many of our Morgan friends there!!

If you have any questions please email Richard at richardihns@gmail.com or call 239-633-2845 (cell)

03 Jul

2017 MOGSouth Holiday Party (July Update)

This year’s MOGSouth Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, December 2 in Athens, Georgia.  Our organizers and hosts are by Stacey and Ben Schepens.

Thank you to Stacey and Ben for volunteering their time and for their efforts on behalf of the Club’s membership!

A note from Stacey:  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in July!  I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer.

This year our MOGSouth Holiday Party will be in Athens, Georgia.  You don’t have to be a Bulldog fan to enjoy Athens.  It is a great little city with lots to do all within walking distance of the host hotel.

I have been able to book a block of rooms at The Graduate in Athens (www.graduateathens.com).  In the block there are 20 Standard King rooms and 20 Standard rooms with 2 Queens.  Rooms are $129 a night – you can book for Friday and Saturday or just Saturday.

Breakfast is not included however there are lots of places in Athens for any meal of the day (not to mention lots of places to grab a drink at night).

The hotel does have rooms that meet ADA requirements.

Dinner and hospitality will be at this hotel – more information on that forthcoming.  Details regarding dinner costs are still being refined and will be published as that information is available as well as information on happenings and things to do in Athens on December 2.

Folks wishing to make reservations should call the hotel directly at 706-549-7020 and ask for the MOGSouth Car Club block.

Don’t delay – this is a busy weekend in Athens.  There are other hotels in downtown Athens – the Hilton and Indigo are also quite nice.  I would avoid the Holiday Inn Express.

Hope to see many of you there!   Questions? E-mail Stacey Schepens at piesaresquare@comcast.net or call 404-932-9815.


05 Jun

North American Morgan Three Wheeler Convention: Report

The first ever North American Morgan Three Wheeler Convention.

May 18 – 22 in Augusta GA.     A long weekend (4 days actually) of activities for the greasy Morgan Three Wheeler enthusiast and another set of activities for the less greasy set.   Lots to do.   Lots of moving parts.  Lots and lots . . . . darn impossible to keep up.

Hard to believe that there hadn’t been a North American Morgan Three Wheeler gaggle before.  Sharing knowledge about these silly beasts has been a problem for a good while.  Certainly for me.  What went where, and how, left me clueless most of the time.  A newsletter about British doings with occasional practical articles, emails, photos and an online forum have definitely helped but unfortunately these two dimensional, text messages lost something in the translation.  So with the Convention we brought folks together for the face-to-face contact and gave them direct access to the cars.  This was far better, more three dimensional, or so it seems as was evidenced by the sheer volume of participants.

We also planned activities for the ‘spouses’ (for lack of a better word). This meant that those that were not terribly interested in the greasy, and somewhat mystical, inner workings of these beasts had something more interesting to do.  Much of what we planned for the ‘spouses’ involved Augusta itself – a trolley ride, a tour of the Woodrow Wilson boyhood home, the Saturday morning farmer’s market.  One activity was needle felting, a handy-craft resulting in cute bits of fluff.   I was told they were ‘hedgehogs’.  Andrea took Lee Charlton’s needle felting session twice.  I now have nightmares of hedgehogs. . .  lots of hedgehogs overrunning the house.  And of course, the dogs are not amused.  The needle felting class was a grand success, with a single session expanding to three – so a big ‘thank you’ to Lee.

We planned for 40 or so attendees and a dozen or so cars, but ended up with 70 plus attendees and 23 cars.  I was in continual fear that all the complex planning for the event would simply fail under its own weight – the inability of the restaurants or other providers to satisfy our enlarged state.  Well, I fibbed a bit about the quantities of participants and luckily the suppliers were able to meet the actual demand.   It couldn’t have gone better.  Even the weather cooperated.  Hot and a bit humid, but no rain.  Rain would have been a big problem.  We were lucky all weekend.   Breakfast on the hotel porch, each morning, was divine.

Actually, we had planned the event around the parking garage, wanting somewhat of a hands-on experience with the cars. The parking garage, only one of two in Augusta, offered us shelter from potential rain or more likely, incessant sun, but the parking garage soon became irrelevant. The hotel ‘gave’ us three banquet/meeting rooms.  Something I would have thought they would have charged us for, to use for the weekend.  We ended up using these rooms for our technical seminars with only sporadic trips to the garage to emphasize some technical point, on an actual car.  Air conditioning in these hotel rooms, given the warmth of the day, was much appreciated.  We actually started each day with a morning meeting for all, in one of the rooms, to pass on the daily plan and highlight any communications we needed to disseminate. It worked quite well, but communication was the bane of the weekend.  We set up a bulletin board in the lobby, posting the latest and greatest, but it was like pulling teeth to get folks to refer to it.

Following the technical seminars and ‘spouse’ activities, our Friday involved a short, scenic drive through a number of the charming neighborhoods of Augusta.  Massive houses with amazing grounds – each undoubtedly steeped in history – adorned the route and we paraded some 22 vintage Morgans and newer 5 Speeders into downtown Augusta, to Enterprise Mill.  Enterprise Mill offered us a quaint park like setting for a small car show, a box lunch and a ride along the historical Augusta canal.

Saturday involved vintage Morgan driving familiarization and test rides offered by the 5 speeder vendors who attended.  We found a big parking lot at a local school that kept us off the public streets.  Later in the day Graeme and Jenny Addie hosted the group for an evening dinner party at their home.   Great food, great company and wonderful comradery.   Certainly all good stuff and a highlight of the weekend.

Another great Morgan gathering.  Many thanks to the MOGSouth members who participated and hopefully they enjoyed their experiences in Augusta.  It isn’t likely that I will be involved in the next one, however, we (Duncan Charlton, Graeme Addie and myself) learned a lot and will pass that on to the next set of folks that have the privilege (?) of planning and executing the 2nd North American Morgan Three Wheeler Convention.