06 Jul

Morgan 3 Wheeler Convention (WJBF News Channel 6 – Augusta GA)

Not sure how long this video will be available. It will ask you to view in YouTube, so you will have to click the link provided. If it doesn’t appear then it has most likely been removed by the owner. (WJBF News Channel – 6 Augusta GA) You will recognize a few MOGSouth members – Joe Speetjens, Lance & Connie Lipscomb, Mark Braunstein, and Greame Addie. Enjoy while you can! Mark

05 Jun

North American Morgan Three Wheeler Convention: Report

The first ever North American Morgan Three Wheeler Convention.

May 18 – 22 in Augusta GA.     A long weekend (4 days actually) of activities for the greasy Morgan Three Wheeler enthusiast and another set of activities for the less greasy set.   Lots to do.   Lots of moving parts.  Lots and lots . . . . darn impossible to keep up.

Hard to believe that there hadn’t been a North American Morgan Three Wheeler gaggle before.  Sharing knowledge about these silly beasts has been a problem for a good while.  Certainly for me.  What went where, and how, left me clueless most of the time.  A newsletter about British doings with occasional practical articles, emails, photos and an online forum have definitely helped but unfortunately these two dimensional, text messages lost something in the translation.  So with the Convention we brought folks together for the face-to-face contact and gave them direct access to the cars.  This was far better, more three dimensional, or so it seems as was evidenced by the sheer volume of participants.

We also planned activities for the ‘spouses’ (for lack of a better word). This meant that those that were not terribly interested in the greasy, and somewhat mystical, inner workings of these beasts had something more interesting to do.  Much of what we planned for the ‘spouses’ involved Augusta itself – a trolley ride, a tour of the Woodrow Wilson boyhood home, the Saturday morning farmer’s market.  One activity was needle felting, a handy-craft resulting in cute bits of fluff.   I was told they were ‘hedgehogs’.  Andrea took Lee Charlton’s needle felting session twice.  I now have nightmares of hedgehogs. . .  lots of hedgehogs overrunning the house.  And of course, the dogs are not amused.  The needle felting class was a grand success, with a single session expanding to three – so a big ‘thank you’ to Lee.

We planned for 40 or so attendees and a dozen or so cars, but ended up with 70 plus attendees and 23 cars.  I was in continual fear that all the complex planning for the event would simply fail under its own weight – the inability of the restaurants or other providers to satisfy our enlarged state.  Well, I fibbed a bit about the quantities of participants and luckily the suppliers were able to meet the actual demand.   It couldn’t have gone better.  Even the weather cooperated.  Hot and a bit humid, but no rain.  Rain would have been a big problem.  We were lucky all weekend.   Breakfast on the hotel porch, each morning, was divine.

Actually, we had planned the event around the parking garage, wanting somewhat of a hands-on experience with the cars. The parking garage, only one of two in Augusta, offered us shelter from potential rain or more likely, incessant sun, but the parking garage soon became irrelevant. The hotel ‘gave’ us three banquet/meeting rooms.  Something I would have thought they would have charged us for, to use for the weekend.  We ended up using these rooms for our technical seminars with only sporadic trips to the garage to emphasize some technical point, on an actual car.  Air conditioning in these hotel rooms, given the warmth of the day, was much appreciated.  We actually started each day with a morning meeting for all, in one of the rooms, to pass on the daily plan and highlight any communications we needed to disseminate. It worked quite well, but communication was the bane of the weekend.  We set up a bulletin board in the lobby, posting the latest and greatest, but it was like pulling teeth to get folks to refer to it.

Following the technical seminars and ‘spouse’ activities, our Friday involved a short, scenic drive through a number of the charming neighborhoods of Augusta.  Massive houses with amazing grounds – each undoubtedly steeped in history – adorned the route and we paraded some 22 vintage Morgans and newer 5 Speeders into downtown Augusta, to Enterprise Mill.  Enterprise Mill offered us a quaint park like setting for a small car show, a box lunch and a ride along the historical Augusta canal.

Saturday involved vintage Morgan driving familiarization and test rides offered by the 5 speeder vendors who attended.  We found a big parking lot at a local school that kept us off the public streets.  Later in the day Graeme and Jenny Addie hosted the group for an evening dinner party at their home.   Great food, great company and wonderful comradery.   Certainly all good stuff and a highlight of the weekend.

Another great Morgan gathering.  Many thanks to the MOGSouth members who participated and hopefully they enjoyed their experiences in Augusta.  It isn’t likely that I will be involved in the next one, however, we (Duncan Charlton, Graeme Addie and myself) learned a lot and will pass that on to the next set of folks that have the privilege (?) of planning and executing the 2nd North American Morgan Three Wheeler Convention.

25 Apr

MOGSouth Spring Meet 2017 – Greenville SC

What a great meet!! We had a ball!!

A superb location, a superb turnout and a great itinerary of events for the Club membership.  Greenville, SC has certainly grown up since I lived there around the turn of the century.  I was lost on almost every street we took.   The downtown has been transformed with cobbled streets, quaint gas lights, and gardens and trees aligning main street.   A plethora of shops, cafes and other delights were in place and we had numerous opportunities during the weekend to stroll and enjoy the sights.   The only challenge we had was parking.   No different than any other busy downtown.

The Spring Meet turn out was quite good and I was amazed at the variants of Morgan cars.  Series 1, 4/4s with Lotus Twin Cam, CVH, 1600, Plus 4 2 Strs, 4 Strs, DHCs, Flat Rads, Aero 8, Roadsters, Plus 8s and even Joe Speetjens in his Corvette powered Plus 8.   Lots of oohs and aahs and lots of tires to kick.  I think I counted 17 cars but might have missed one or two.

Members came from far and wide. In attendance were;
1. Graeme & Jenny Addie
2. Emma & Brian Slater (Graeme & Jenny’s daughter & Family)
3. Chuck & Karen Bernath
4. John Bigler
5. Mark & Andrea Braunstein
6. Austin & Jinny Britton
7. Pat & Judy Buckley
8. Lynn Craig
9. Rick & Sam Frazee
10. Lee & Trisha Gaskin
11. Gene Spainhour & Pat Harris
12. Gary & Judy Heck
13. Fred & Gay Hollinger
14. Richard & Janet Ihns
15. Andy & Anne Leo
16. Lance & Connie Lipscomb
17. Gene & Betsy McOmber
18. Brian & Rosie Miller
19. Dorothy & Glenn Moore
20. Ian & Barbara Shelmerdine
21. Joe & Cynthia Speetjens
22. John & Debbie Stanley
23. Robert & Nancy Ullerich

Saturday morning was a drive through the twisty bits to Ceasars Head State Park and then to lunch, a short drive away, at the Hotel Domestique.  Wonder drives, views and it was great to top it all off with as superb lunch.  Then back down the mountain and more exploring in and around Greenville.

Custom Sketch from Caesars Head SC by Lynn Craig. [I have better resolution if desired. Send me an email. Mark]

Dinner was at the Liberty Tap Room and Grill right nest to Flour Field, the local Baseball Stadium.  The place was electric as there was a ball game going on as well.  I was surprised the Liberty Tap Room and Grill could handle our crowd.  They did and the dinner was great.   (Be sure to see the pictures in the Photo Gallery. Event Photos )

Sunday came with a threat of rain, but we didn’t really get hit, heading south for Florida.  We heard others, heading north and west, did get a downpour.  Well, no amount of rain could put a damper on the meet.

‘Job Well Done’ to the Leos (Andy and Anne) and the Buckleys (Pat and Judy) who organized the event!!

12 Mar

Amelia Island Noggin and Cars and Coffee

The MOGSouth Friday ‘Noggin’ before the Amelia Island Concours is starting to become a recurring event for the club now that we have done it for a few years.  And, this year’s edition, 10 March, at Sliders Seaside Grill, Amelia Island, was our best, yet.   We had a record number of participants and really couldn’t have asked for a better location. (Perhaps a bit more parking but . . .)

(‘Noggin’ Definition – A small quantity of alcoholic drink, typically a quarter of a pint.  ‘I imagine you all go round to the pub afterwards for a quick noggin and a chat’). 

Many folks we expected, but some we didn’t. (It was a big Porsche weekend and there were a number of competing Porsche activities.)  Interestingly enough, all those with mixed affection (affliction?), e.g. Porsche and Morgan, came by for the Morgan Noggin.  Perhaps Porsche overload, I don’t rightly know?? But, they were very welcome!!

Sliders, the chosen watering hole this year, was extremely accommodating.  We had a large expanse of tables, almost a complete room to ourselves and a good number of very attentive wait staff.  Sometimes with a big crowd you have to be patient as the staff never seems quite prepared.  This time, however, they were great!  I don’t think I ever had an empty glass. And, the beer was always cold.

It was great to see our MOGSouth friends and welcome new ones.  Much of the MOGSouth region was represented.  We even had a few MOGSouth members come quite far (e.g. Jim and Karen Besst from Ohio) to join us.  Some usual attendees were unable to join us due to medical issues and they certainly are in our thoughts!

In attendance were Chuck & Karen Bernath (FL), Jim & Karen Besst (OH), Mark & Andrea Braunstein (FL), Austin & Jenny Britton (FL), Robin & Christine Bycroft (FL), Rick & Sam Frazee (FL), Ken & Pat Kreuzer (SC), Peter McManemy (FL), Brian Miller (AL), Skip & Jill Nunnally (AL), Allan & Mary Ann Rae (Canada via FL), Bruce & Delores Reynolds (SC), John & Debbie Stanley (FL), Nancy & Robert Ullerich (SC), Joe & Sharon Topinka (VA & FL) and Ray & Susan Morgan (GA).

The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is usually on Sunday, with a Cars and Coffee gathering for non-Concours collector cars on Saturday.  This Cars and Coffee event is scheduled early and ends early, around 1PM, as the Cars and Coffee uses the same golf course holes (holes 17 & 18) that they use for the Concours.  The popularity of the Cars and Coffee event in the past few years has necessitated the creation of an overflow area, in addition to the main show field, called the MotorXPO (golf course hole 2).  This year all the Morgans were to be located in the MotorXPO.

Usually, the organizers want to get the collector cars off the main show field so that the Concours cars can get settled in on Saturday afternoon.  Well, it turns out that the Concours d’Elegance organizers, in their wisdom (?), moved the Concours d’Elegance up a day, to Saturday, due to the expectation of substantial rain on Sunday.  This moved all the Cars and Coffee cars from the main show field into the MotorXPO overflow area.

The MOGSouth plan for Saturday, 11 March, was to have all the Morgans rendezvous at a location close by and then travel in convoy to the Cars and Coffee location.  We have found that if we don’t arrive as a group, we get scattered and parked wherever they have a spot.

This year, we all arrived at the Surf restaurant parking lot at 8AM and proceeded, in convoy, for about a mile or so to the Cars and Coffee event.  We entered the event and were told to proceed down the middle of the golf hole (golf course hole 2) and we would have spots at the end of the fairway.  There were already cars lining both sides of the fairway, all the way down.  I guess we were none too early.

After a few minutes of idling, however, we were told just to stop in place.   They decided were best situated down the middle of the fairway.  Apart from the lack of shade, I don’t think we could have gotten a better parking spot!  All the spectators had to come by the Morgans as they went up and down to see the other cars.   We got lots, and lots of attention.  We had about a dozen cars on the field.  Cars from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. A great display!

Cars in the Morgan ‘conga line’ were those of Chuck & Karen Bernath and their son Rob, Jim & Karen Besst, Mark & Andrea Braunstein, Rick & Sam Frazee, Ken & Pat Kreuzer, Peter McManemy, Brian Miller, Skip & Jill Nunnally, Allan & Mary Ann Rae, Bruce & Delores Reynolds, John & Debbie Stanley, and Nancy & Robert Ullerich.  Peter Olsen, Tom Perkins, Tony McLaughlin, Ray Morgan, Stu Mosbey and Austin & Jenny Britton came by to say ‘hi’ and support the club.

A great MOGSouth weekend and there is no doubt why it is becoming a recurring event for the club.  Undoubtedly we will do it again next year.  Plan on it!!


22 Jan

2017 MOGSouth Spring Meet Updates (Jan 2017)

2017 MOGSouth Spring Meet (April 21-23, Greenville, SC) 

You need to Make your hotel reservations very soon.

  • The rooms are running out.  There is a possibility of more rooms at the reduced rate, but nothing is certain.
  • The Spring Meet hotel is the Hampton Inn Haywood, 255 Congaree Rd., Greenville, SC. Telephone – 864-516-2400 greenvillei385haywoodmall.hamptoninn.com
  • Rooms should be reserved using the group code Morgan Car Club or MCC.

Also, this meet requires you to Register with the hosts so that accurate headcounts can be predicted and possible hotel room requirements can be adjusted.  Click Here for the Registration Form.  Spring Meet Registration Form

The Saturday lunch (25$ per person) must be prepaid so a check is required, Not Later Than (NTL) 15 March 2017.

Please send this completed registration form and a check for the appropriate amount to cover the lunch costs, payable to Judy Buckley, and send to:  Judy Buckley, 4705 Taproot Lane, Durham, NC 27705

Thanks, the Leos and Buckleys


Tentative Schedule

Friday, 4/21

  • Arrive Greenville, SC.  Check in Hotel
  • Hospitality room open at 4:00pm and after dinner
  • Dinner on your own: suggested restaurants:
  • Copper River Grill (5 minute walk from hotel)
  • City Range Steakhouse Grill (3 block drive)
  • Portofino’s Italian Restaurant (very short drive from hotel)

Saturday, 4/22:


  • Driver and navigator meeting in hotel parking lot. We will be driving to Ceasars Head State Park and then to lunch to Hotel Domestique. The hotel is owned by internationally famous cyclist George Hincapie… check out the hotel and George on line.
  • You will be given driving instructions… we will not try to keep everyone together.

Approximately 1:00pm

  • Return to Greenville…plenty of sightseeing and shopping to be enjoyed!


  • Dinner at Liberty Taproom and Grill, 941 South Main Street, Greenville.
  • Hospitality room open after dinner

Sunday, 4/23

  • Departure


05 Dec

2016 MOGSouth Holiday Party, Dec 3, 2016, Black Mountain NC

The 2016 MOGSouth Holiday Party was great fun! The weather on Friday and Saturday was typical North Carolinian Mountain weather, cool and crisp.

Andrea and I, and Ian and Barbara Shelmerdine, traveled, albeit by air, up from Orlando for the party. The weather was certainly a change for us, coming from the 80s of Florida. We were usually cold the entire weekend but it was good. We did get a little rain late Saturday night and Sunday, but by then it didn’t matter, the party was over.

Gene Spainhour and Pat Harris were our hosts and they did a great job managing this new location for us and making the MOGSouth Holiday Party one to remember. The Monte Vista Hotel in Black Mountain, NC was a wonderful location for the Party. Again, nearby Asheville NC, Black Mountain was a very quaint town tucked into the North Carolina Mountains.

It was great to see everyone and reconnect! And, it wasn’t just about the old friends.  There were a good number of new members at the Party, 6 new couples I believe.  It’s good that MOGSouth is growing and evolving.  We are ceratainly challenged by the expanse of our region, but nobody can deny that MOGSouth is a tremendous group of great folks that enjoy the cars but, in many cases, may enjoy the comraderie and socializing just a bit more.

The town’s imaginative Christmas Parade was scheduled for Saturday afternoon, and luckily for us, ti passed right in front of the Hotel. We were are all on the street out front of the hotel or on the Hotel’s porch, watching the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Dog Clubs, and all sorts of other town entities parade by, decked out with Christmas lights, decorations and playing Christmas Carols. Most were throwing candy and beads for the kids which kept the bunch in front of us hopping to get their fill. Quite interesting and quite fun.

After the parade the MOGSouth group congregated on the Hospitality Suite for a little libation prior to dinner. A quick clean up and then we were off the Holiday Party’s main banquet. Given the size of the MOGSouth group, well over 60 folks, the hotel had converted their entire restaurant to a banquet hall for just us. I was somewhat surprised that the other guests in the hotel as well as other Restaurant patrons were seated in alcoves off the lobby.

The Holiday meal, either chicken or salmon, was very well prepared and kudos to the chef for feeding 60 folks at one time, and not relying on a buffet. Well done! After dinner a few remarks.  The Mother Courage Award was presented to Judy and Pat Buckley.   Well-deserved and hard to argue with their contagious enthusiasm.

Then off to the Hospitality Suite for dessert. Very nice.

Andrea and I, and Ian and Barbara Shelmerdine, had the opportunity to use Sunday to visit the Grove Park Inn and see the holiday Ginger Bread House competition. The imagination and the skills of those creating these whimsical moments of ginger bread and candy is beyond belief.

We found lunch at the Inn and visited their Antique Car Museum.   A small museum, only 20 cars, but a nice representation of motoring through the 40s. Several Cadillacs. It turned out that the entire collection was the property of the original Asheville Cadillac dealer and many of the cars came on trade into the dealership. The only British car was an MG TD.

We relocated to a hotel near the Asheville Airport to position ourselves for an early morning flight out of Asheville back to Sanford Florida. All in all, another great Holiday Party!! Extremely well done, Gene and Pat!! A great Holiday Party!! Thank you.


29 Nov

MOGSouth Spring Meet Details

The 2017 MOGSouth Spring Meet will be in Greenville, SC on the weekend of 21 – 23 April.

Our hosts for the weekend are Pat and Judy Buckley, as well as Anne and Andy Leo.  The have negotiated a great rate for the Hampton Inn Greenville, I-385 Haywood Mall, 255 Congaree Rd., Greenville, SC 29607.


Rooms should be reserved using the group code Morgan Car Club or MCC.   This will ensure that you get the favorable group rate.   The block of rooms will be available through 21 March 2017.  So be sure to book early!

We will update the web with more details as soon as we get them.   Watch this space!!


02 Nov

MOGSouth Noggin at Amelia – March 10, 2017

Just as we did this past March, MOGSouth will have a Noggin (no host bar) at 5PM Friday (March 10, 2017) at Sliders Seaside Grill, 1998 South Fletcher Ave., Amelia Island – Fernandina Beach, FL  *** New Location***  (The old location, Sandy Bottoms, is under new management, and closed for remodeling.) Nothing formal, just show up if you can.  We will be there, somewhere.

This is the Friday (Mar 10) of the Amelia Island Concours weekend.  Saturday (Mar 11) is the Amelia Island Cars and Coffee Event, on the golf course where the big show is held. And of course, Sunday (Mar 12)  is the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.

This past year, we had a great showing of Morgans at the Cars and Coffee event.  If you haven’t as yet signed up for 2017, you should do so immediately.  (See the Calendar and link for the application.)  The Cars and Coffee event is now full.  You must be accepted or you cannot show your car. 

Lots of MOGSouth members and other enthusiasts come to Amelia Island / Fernandina Beach Florida for the festivities such as the Cars and Coffee at Amelia on Saturday and Concours on Sunday.  Given this, it makes sense for us all together and raise a toast to something, perhaps car related.

Rooms are tough to get (and tend to be pricey) over the weekend because of the Concours so plan early.

Lots of folks stay in North Jacksonville, where hotel rooms are plentiful, and the road to Amelia Island, SR-105 (turns into A1A), is only 30-45 minutes, and is absolutely gorgeous.