30 Jul

Morgan Motors Guided Tour, Feb 2017. HD

[A relatively recent (2017) video of the MMC Factory Tour.  Although I have been through the factory three times, it never ceases to amaze me.  The tour always changes as the factory evolves and, each time I visit or see a video, I see things I haven’t seen before.   Things that I saw this time included – the stacks of metal body panels, obviously out-sourced and purchased in quantity, versus the fabrication in-house – Quite a few cars in work. Business must be good! – Lots of pictures of the new S5 Aero 8 with the front opening ‘boot’.  Some odd colors however – A new bonnet paint jig – M3Ws with the inboard or narrow set headlights.   Enjoy. Mark]

06 Jul

Morgan 3 Wheeler Convention (WJBF News Channel 6 – Augusta GA)

Not sure how long this video will be available. It will ask you to view in YouTube, so you will have to click the link provided. If it doesn’t appear then it has most likely been removed by the owner. (WJBF News Channel – 6 Augusta GA) You will recognize a few MOGSouth members – Joe Speetjens, Lance & Connie Lipscomb, Mark Braunstein, and Greame Addie. Enjoy while you can! Mark