27 Jun

1908 Mors : Fast, Dangerous And Heavy (youtube)

John Stanley found this video. It is very appropriate as it shows some clips of the Revs Institute (previously the Collier Museum) which we visited on each of our trips to Key West.

I was quite amused when watching as some of the comments are equally applicable to these older Morgan three wheelers we are trying to maintain. ‘It has a total loss oil systems – the oil is drawn from the tank through the sight glasses – so you know the oil is flowing – into the engine then out onto the driver and the road. So it is a messy car . . . ‘

Thanks John!!

Enjoy. Mark

16 Apr

Morgan Motor Co Factory Tour (Nov 2018)

[This is a view of the factory as it is prior to any real changes. Things may be different in the future as modifications are driven, in processes and tooling, by the new investor. Also, there is an Aero 8 GT in build, well it appears all but finished, with a matching M3W. Striking color! (Turn up the volume or the tour guide is hard to hear.) Enjoy, Mark]