09 May

Morgan 100 Programme 6 (https://www.youtube.com)

[This is the 6th offering in the series ‘Morgan 100’. Enjoy, Mark]

Programme 6 kicks off with the launch of The Centenary Weekend with Charles Morgan at The Visitor’s Centre. This is followed by a journey with The Morgan Three Wheeler Club from Bransford, Malvern to Stoke Lacy via Shelsley Walsh! (Also featuring Chris Booth recreating a very famous 1909 photograph.)

06 May

Morgan 1939 Le Mans Replica – A Review – National Motor Museum, Beaulieu (youtube.com)

[This car used to belong to the prolific Morgan author Ken Hill. I doubt there are many of you that don’t have one of Ken’s books. Well, the presenter is Ken Hill’s son who inherited the car when Ken passed. I have been to Beaulieu and I have seen this car. This is the ‘Morgan’ some of us dream about. Then there is George Proudfoot’s car, and then . . . Ok, so I have weird dreams! Cheers, Mark]

01 May

Morgan 100 Programme 5 (https://www.youtube.com/

[And they just keep coming. Enjoy, Mark]

Programme 5 is made up of six distinct features: a visit to the Goodwood circuit with Brands Hatch Morgans, more on the Malvern Hills with Med Snookes, the opening of Melvyn Rutter’s Pitstop B & B, the Morgan factory workers ‘Its A Knockout’ fun day, the Goodwood ‘Festival of Speed’ and Rounds 5 & 6 of the FIA GT3 Championship from Oschersleben, Germany. Plus a chance to see the short film I made about Melvyn’s garage in 2017.

21 Apr

Living with Mabel – Farewell, Saturday 14 March

[The Morgan Three Wheeler Club (MTWC), in the UK, has an interesting scheme whereas members who have too many cars, or for various other reasons, loan a Morgan out to other, and in some cases young(er), folks.

It is a bit of a win-win as the other folks get to experience life with a classic car that they might not be able to afford at the moment and the car owner gets the car looked after by knowledgeable club members (not necessarily those borrowing the car) and run routinely (we all know the importance of running the car every so often). The club (MTWC) also pays for the borrower’s car insurance.

It is an interesting idea and I have to believe a four wheeled Morgan would work just as well as a three wheeled car.

This little video was made by the borrowing couple as an omage to the car (Mabel) they borrowed for the last two years. The car has now gone on to someone else.

It would appear that the MTWC has two vehicles being loaned out at the moment. Enjoy, Mark ]

From the MTWC Web Site (edited a bit): Holly and subsequently Scott borrowed a 1934 Super Sports JAP through the Classic Car Loan Scheme over the last two years. Mabel presented a few minor trials and tribulations but more often provided great fun and became an integral part of the Davies/Cornish Family.

Last weekend, Lancs & Lakes Group members collected Mabel as Steve is to borrow the S/S for the next 12 months.

Scott’s words: Mabel unfortunately left us yesterday on the back of a trailer, leaving a big hole in our garage and newly formed classic car shaped hearts. Whilst we are a little sad of her departure, we also so grateful that we got this opportunity. Words cannot describe the totally surreal and privileged position of borrowing her for not one but two years. Thanks to all for making this happen!

Check out the smiles throughout.

17 Apr

Morgan100 Programme 3

I published Programmes 1 & 2 a few days ago. This is a third programme that has just been made available. These videos were made in early 2009 during Morgan’s Centenary celebrations. These were originally available to purchase, however this is the first time these programmes have been made available for free. Enjoy, Mark

15 Apr

Morgan100 Programmes 1 & 2

Many of you may have seen this a few years ago, as these were made in January to March 2009 during Morgan’s Centenary celebrations. These were originally available to purchase, however this is the first time these programmes have been made available for free.

There is a third programme that will not be available until Friday. I will watch for it and post it as soon as I can. Enjoy, Mark