05 Aug

CX-T Announced by Morgan

[I was a bit dumfounded when I first saw this! We tried years ago to get a few Morgans to go through the woods on a dirt trail and, if I remember correctly, only 2 of the 40 cars at the event were even willing to try. Too much polishing to risk dirt! So I am not convinced that this sort of thing was actually needed at this point in time? I do hope that it was something asked for by a paying customer, somewhat like the SPI special and its creation didn’t take any effort away from getting cars into the hands of the US dealers (and customers)! Mark]

14 Dec

IDRIVEACLASSIC Reviews: 1950s Morgan +4 (Plus Four) 13 Dec 2020

[This is an interesting video of an 1953 Plus 4. It is an Interim Cowl car and shows the original ‘bean can’ headlights. Not a configuration we commonly see. This configuration quickly evolved into the cowled model we are all familiar with. There are lots of things non-standard on this car (later Morgan front seats (1980s ?) so don’t use this as a reference for your Concours restoration! But, as they say, it is a ‘truly luxurious car!’ Enjoy, Mark]