13 Aug

Morgan Three Wheeler Convention – May 2017

At last count there were over 200 vintage Morgan Three Wheelers and another 200 or so modern Morgan Three Wheelers (aka 5 Speeders) in North America.  Many of these cars have been in the hands of their owners for decades, but they have simply been left at home when the other Morgans go out to play.

So we have created a Three Wheeler only event! Morgan Three Wheeler Convention – May 2017. The first ever event of it’s kind in North America, to address these very issues. Let’s get the cars out if we can no matter their state or vintage.  Let’s all get together in one place and have a few cars to poke and prod, and discuss. Other cars we can drive and compare.  Let’s get together with other like minded folks to talk about pertinent stuff, like maintenance, safe operations, restoration, grease, and having fun . . . yes lots of fun!

Visit the following link for more details.


POC: Duncan Charlton Elgin TX, 512-965-7583, duncan.charlton54@gmail.com or Mark Braunstein, 5151 Plato Cove, Sanford FL, 407-322-5060, series1@cfl.rr.com

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