23 Oct

Good Fuel and Bad Fuel !!

Just back from the 2016 MOGSouth Fall Meet and GatorMOG Road Trip to Key West.  Wanted to post a tip about fuel that could affect any of you.

We had a unfortunate incident in Key West with bad fuel.   A Morgan was empty and a local gas station was spotted.

Several of the tanks were empty (low octane and one other, if I remember correctly) so the remaining (the only one still available) tank was chosen and used to fill a thirsty Morgan.

Once fueled, the Morgan got just a few yards beyond the gas station before it died and wouldn’t run any more.  The culprit was bad fuel.  Full of water.  We suspect, given that two of the tanks were empty, the third remaining one was on just the dregs and full of water.

Once we realized the problem, water in the fuel, we had to drain the entire tank and refuel with good gas.  All good after that.  The car ran strong for the rest of the trip.

The moral of this story is that if a gas station pump has a tank or two empty, the remaining one(s) might also be low and full of water.  Best to avoid them all together and find another gas station.

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