04 May

MOGSouth Regalia (as of 1 May 2023)

Currently only apparel, branded with the MOGSouth Logo or other related embroidery, is currently available.  There are no longer any car badges, pins or patches available.  Restocking orders are currently being considered.  We will let you know when our stocks have been replenished.

FYI, the on hand stockage levels dwindled with basically no demand in the last year or so.  Investments in these items, given the low level of demand was deemed questionable. However, apparel is still available through our supporting business Fourth Gear LTD.  http://www.fourth-gear-ltd.com/.  Fourth Gear LTD is also available on the MOGSouth web site, http://www.mogsouth.com/ on the SUPPORTERS page.

Fourth Gear LTD has many items, hats, shirts, jackets, etc., all availble for embroidering with the MOGSouth or GatorMOG logos.

Also, any of these apparel items can be embroidered with Morgan related images such as traditional Morgan cars, top up or down, Vintage Morgan Three Wheelers, Stylized Morgan Three Wheelers, etc., and the proprietors at Fourth Gear will even color your images as you desire, just as a note in the field provided on the online order form.

All the Morgan related images and the MOGSouth / GatorMOG logos have been digitized by the club and are now available for you to adorn your chosen apparel item.  Simply follow the ordering process at the Fourth Gear LTD online store.  (And if you want a specific color, put a comment in the order’s note field!)

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