14 Jul

GatorMOG Goes to Space??

Pencil in the Weekend of August 18 – 20 (Friday through Sunday) for the next major GatorMOG activity. It is likely to be raining so what you drive is your call!!

Drive to the event hotel on Friday.

The planned hotel is the Hyatt Place Titusville / Kennedy Space Center, 6299 Riverfront Center Blvd, Titusville, FL 32780 (less than 5 min from Valiant Air command.) BUT DON’T MAKE YOUR RESERVATION JUST YET!

The hotel has an internet link being produced and they want us to use this link to ensure we get the Group Rate. Their code for our group is ‘G-MOG’. Don’t worry, we will let you know when the link is available.


Beer call / Dinner Friday night is at the Playalinda Brixworks Project at 1900 (tbd). Again, less than 5 mins away from the hotel. The time is still up in the air but we’ll let you know!!

Saturday Morning we’ll visit the hangars at the Valiant Air Command Inc, Warbird Museum ($12 dollars per a person.) We asked for a tour of the behind the scenes greasy stuff, typically’ out-of-sight’ back shops, so be prepared (e.g. don’t wear your fancy white clothes)! It is not confirmed by they were pretty positive?

I would guess we will form up on Saturday morning at the front of the hotel around 0830. We need to be prompt and be at Valiant Air Command Inc., NLT 0900 but the hotel is just some 4 mins from Valiant Air Command so this shouldn’t be too hard and our tours are estimated to take some 2.5 hours.

Lunch (1300 – 1400) will be at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). There are several lunch spots and we just establish a time to reconvene.

The best group rate we could get is $68 pp but you are welcome to use what ever you might have (annual pass, AARP, Military Veteran, AAA, other?) to swing a better rate. What ever you do, do it quickly as we are likely to go straight to the busses to beat the crowds.

Saturday Dinner is planned for 1800 at the famous Dixie Crossroads. It will take us some 20 minutes or so to get there, and once done with dinner, some 15 mins or so to get back to the hotel.

Things do change so please be flexible!!

Please let Mark know if you plan to attend or not. We need to provide headcounts to various business as soon as we can. (Mark’s email – series1@cfl.rr.com or call 407-322-5060)

A big ‘thanks’ to Adam Hitt work working the details.


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