07 Nov

Tech Tip – Moss Box Repair

Tech Tip – Billy Bellinger, JB Sports Engineering, Morgan Gearbox and Axle Repair

I had the opportunity (?) recently to use the services of Billy Bellinger in the UK when my Series 1 Moss Box or transmission failed.  It was the gearbox in my 1938 DHC Prototype.  This early Moss Box is similar to the 1950s-1970s Plus 4 Moss Box but not exactly the same.  The 1930s vintage Series 1 4/4s used either a Meadows Gearbox or an early Moss Gearbox.  Billy’s repair shop can handle either and in fact, I asked him to help me identify just what gearbox I had.  Mine turned out to be an Early Moss Gearbox. 

For those of you that appreciate such things, the early Meadows Gearbox has a rod (similar to the thickness of a coat hanger.) that parallels the gear shift and when pulled up, it allows the shifter to slide into a detent for reverse gear.  If not pulled up, there is no hope of ever getting the gearbox into reverse gear.  (Ask me how I know!  Rather ask Andrea, she was reverse gear for a few years, until I got it fixed on another of my silly pre-war 4/4s.) 

This current gearbox is however a Moss Box.  An early one. A generation earlier than the typical box found on the TR powered Plus 4s. Getting it repaired however is likely the same.

The process of getting the box to the UK was not too arduous, other than having to remove it from the car and box it up, in a substantial wooden crate.  I had help with this and the transmission was soon picked up by Billy’s shipper, DHL, and off it went!!  Billy’s shop arranged for the shipping and all I provided him was the weight. It took some 5 months to get the repairs completed, a long time, but I have to believe there is quite a backlog. The transmission is back now and the shipment back to the US was similarly easy as sending it off to the UK. I did nothing and it arrived at my doorstep! Minimal fuss although I did have to pay for the repair. Credit cards worked!!

The transmission was installed in a few hours and tested. It all works perfectly!  I am a happy customer! 


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  1. I take that there is a difference when one in the UK orders something sent to them. I wanted to return some shell bearings and the shipping was $125.00!!

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