This is the MOGSouth Events Calendar for the current year and beyond.

This Calendar will be updated routinely.  However, these events are at times quite fluid and dates do change.  So be flexible and check with alternate sources just to be sure. 

Events with significant MOGSouth participation will have more detail posted on this web site.  Any event, as listed in this calendar, that is underlined, has a link to other web pages (or sites) with more details.  Simply click the event title to go to the other web pages (or sites). 

If you have an event that should be added to the calendar, please send an email to

Note – The MOGSouth events for 2021 have been greatly effected by the COVID 19 Virus.  Venues are closed, crowds are prohibited, etc.  Given this all of the MOGSouth 2020 events were cancelled and many of the MOGSouth 2021 events have been impacted.  Everything is not back to normal as yet (Sept 2021) but we hope that things are improving and 2022 will be almost (?) normal for MOGSouth.   

Events with *** are MOGSouth or GatorMOG organized events, or are likely to have a significant MOGSouth or GatorMOG presence.

2022 Events