Navigation Questions?

If you have questions about navigation on this website or what the various features provided, click the Primer link below.  It is a short document to help familiarize you with the site.  If you still have questions, send an email to

Web Site Primer (Jan 6, 2023)

First Time as a Event Host?

MOGSouth and GatorMOG Events are planned and hosted by volunteers. Members of the club who want to organize an event for the rest of the club.  MOGSouth has events in the both the Spring and Fall, as well as Noggins (gatherings) anytime during the year.  GatorMOG, the Florida Morgan Owners Group, is simply a part of MOGSouth but it has a few Noggins of its own during the year. These are smaller events, intended for Florida folks, but anyone can attend.   To make it easier to host an event, the following document provides some general guidance.

Hosting a MOGSouth Event (Sep 1, 2023)

Morgan Motor Company (MMC) Production Timeline

The Morgan Motor Company (MMC) Manufactured many different vehicles over the last 100 years or so.  This timeline is a visual representation of the various vehicles / models manufactured.   Other significant technical modifications are noted on the timeline when they occurred.  This document can be printed, however it becomes a bit of an ‘eye test’.  It is best viewed online where you can use the zoom in and see the details better.

Morgan Timeline v119 (10/16/2023)

Can’t Read PDF Files?

Many of the documents, like the Newsletter Archives, are posted in PDF (Portable Document Format) a file format invented by Adobe. PDF format has become the defacto format for sharing documents. If you don’t have a way to read a PDF file, go to to get the latest free ‘PDF Reader” software. (This link should work for both PCs and Apple Computers.)

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