04 Nov

Christopher Ward signs partnership with Morgan Motor Co (http://www.watchpro.com/)


Two great British businesses came together yesterday as Christopher Ward announced an agreement with Morgan Motor Company that draws on the passion for design that the firms share.

The watch brand’s eponymous founder told a press conference at SalonQP that he met Morgan’s head of design Jonathan Wells 18 months ago and the idea of the partnership has been worked on since then.

A five-year agreement will kick off turn Christopher Ward creating three designs of limited edition pieces that will be available only to Morgan customers.

Each will have the chassis number of the owners car engraved into their unique watch.  In time, Christopher Ward Co-founder Mike France said, the watch brand will have license to create watches developed with Morgan for the wider public.

The first timepieces from the partnership will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show in early March.

They will pick up design features from the three-wheel chassis beloved of Morgan enthusiasts.

The aim is to launch with prices under £3000, according to Mr Francis.

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