13 Nov

Morgan 3 Wheeler: Final order call, car not road legal [in Australia] from November 2017 (http://www.caradvice.com.au/)

The Morgan 3 Wheeler will be withdrawn from the Australian market from November 2017 due to coming changes to the Australian Design Rules (ADR).

Late last week, the company’s Australian arm put out a call for final orders of the rare three-wheel vehicle.

In a statement, Morgan Cars Australia said that “further changes to the Australian Design Rules [mean that] the Morgan 3 Wheeler will no longer be eligible for registration in Australia effective from 1 November 2017”.

The company was at pains to point out that any cars registered before that date are unaffected by the rule changes.

Morgan says that any interested parties should get their orders in now, as production slots are already filled up until the end of May 2017.

In order for Australians to get their cars into the country and registered before the end of October 2017, they will need their cars made by the end of July, at the latest. Orders for the June and July production slots will be open until the end of 2016, or whenever they’re filled.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler starts at $93,900 [Australian Dollars] before options and on-road costs. To secure a production slot, the company requires a $20,000 deposit. A second deposit of 35 percent of the retail price of the car is required two months before production.

As CarAdvice discovered when the 3 Wheeler was launched in Australia in January 2015, the company has made extensive design changes to the car to make it road legal down under.

These includes a quieter induction system, padded steering wheel and dashboard, repositioned indicators, extra warning lights, larger mirrors, a collapsible steering column, and a wind deflector instead of a windscreen.

Morgan Australia notes that any 3 Wheelers imported from the UK or Europe won’t be road worthy.

[I have to believe cars from the US won’t meet the new specs either. Mark]


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