26 May

Spring Meet 2016 – Summerville South Carolina (15 – 17 Apr, 2016)

About two years ago a couple of Morgan owners decided that the North East that they used to call home had become an intolerable place to reside anymore (in reality it was the witness protection program moving them again) and they decided to search for a place in the South to live.

It is rumored that the only law enforcement region that would accept them turned out to be Summerville South Carolina which is why Pat and Ken Kreuzer now live in a beautiful development called “The Ponds” in Summerville, just outside of Charleston SC.

Now after being resident for a couple of years, and members of MOGSouth, their consciences (named Mark and Randy perhaps?) started to bother them and Pat advised Ken that they would hold the 2016 Spring Dust-off gathering.

The Gathering was called for the weekend of April 15th and 16th with the faithful generally arriving on the afternoon of the 14th at the host hotel where the usual hospitality room was ready for the weary travelers with alcoholic beverages and snacks to tide them over until dinner time. Friday dinner was a self arranged affair with Pat having provided a list of restaurants that had agreed to offer this noble group a 10% discount.

The scribe joined our hosts and John Bigler at Five Loaves Café, where we had an excellent meal, afterwards heading to the host hotel for a quick drink with a few folks staying at the hotel. Then it was to bed for some of us, whilst someone stayed up preparing for the morning festivities.

Saturday dawned bright and clear with a slight nip in the air, the day would, however soon warm up beautifully. Pat had arranged for the Club House in their development, which is the original farm house that has been beautifully restored, to be available to MOGSouth. As the cars arrived they were stopped in front of the Farm House to have a photograph taken, then were most expertly parked under the live oak trees beside the Farm house whilst everyone enjoyed coffee and Pat’s homemade cinnamon buns.

At noon arrangements had been made for a police escort to take us over to Magnolia Plantation, the Morgans were lined up with a cruiser at front and one at rear and off we went. No stopping at junctions or traffic lights for us, 15 Morgans line astern sailed along some of the most typical southern roads you can imagine with huge old oaks and hanging Spanish moss.

The drive took around 30 minutes, at the plantation it was no ordinary parking lot for Morgans, oh no we were parked side by side on the edge of the grass meadow right in front of the main house where all the other visitors could see us and take photographs by the hundred.

Boxed lunches were available for all and then we separated into two groups and in turn had guided tours of the house and the old rice paddy. It was fascinating to hear how they farmed rice and drew fresh water for the paddies from a brackish water river. Magnolia plantation folks made us all so welcome even arranging the loading of the nature cruise boat so we could get Glenn Moore on board with his wheel chair.

After the tours everyone was on their own until 6.30pm when we all gathered back at the Farm house for early evening drinks and delightful conversation. Later we were all called to order for dinner consisting of Pulled Pork, Barbeque chicken, Mac and Cheese, BBQ beans, Rice and hash (and if you do not know what hash is don’t ask just enjoy it!) with two or three homemade salads. All this was followed up with homemade desserts of various types and fresh fruit. If anyone left hungry then it really was their own fault.

All the photographs taken in the morning had been printed and were in frames ready for their owners to collect. I should also mention that the welcome bag contained some really good “swag” Pat had been out twisting arms really effectively.

As the stomachs were filled the four young children present, Graeme Addie’s grand children and two children from the neighborhood whose parents helped with the arrangements, drew names for 4 prizes donated by sponsors. The highlight had to be when Little Graeme drew grandpa’s name! Winners were Perry Nuhn won a new T shirt, Graeme Addie won a cleaning package as sir Robin Bycroft and Brian Miller won the grand prize of a bucket of cleaning items, which was very appropriate as he was the only person seen cleaning his car in the morning.

Finally Jim and Colette Clark presented Pat and Ken (mainly Pat) with a beautiful plate, artwork note cards, made by Colette, as thanks for all their efforts to put together an absolutely fantastic event. Jim and Collette also presented Gary and Judy Heck with a plate and cards for the Christmas event. I have it on good notice that this will be the gift to anyone who hosts a major event so get your names in line for 2016 Christmas party organization.

The event was enjoyed by the following members: Gary and Judy Heck, Chuck and Karen Bernath, Robin and Christine Bycroft, Graeme Addie and Emma Slater with Little G and Addie Slater, Charles Harris and Louise Larango, Egils Dunens and Rosalie Barnes, Dwight Kinzer, Lee and Trisha Gaskin, Dorothy and Glenn Moore, Perry and Ritamarie Nuhn, John Bigler, Jim and Colette Clark, Davis and Sarah Chiles, Thomas and Kathy Coryn, Charlie and Caroline King, Brian and Rosie Miller, Peter Ballard, Bob and Nancy Ullerich, Pat and Judy Buckley and last but by no means least Lance and Connie Lipscomb.

Finally a couple of drivers were rather naughty during the time between Magnolia Plantation and cocktail hour, and it was not an escort this time!

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