28 Sep

Improvements to Morgan Wiper Blades

The B Hive

1003 Old Stone Church Rd.
Clemson, S.C.

#370-255 ¬†8″ Wiper Blade ¬†Midget 58/68
#370-308 Wiper Arm Spridget 58/67

Remove wiper arm assemblies from Morgan
Remove wiper blade from arm
Lay Morgan wiper arm over or next to the new arm and mark the overall length needed
Remove rivet from new arm and adjust to meet the required length of old arm
Drill new hole in arm, and rivet in place
Install new blade
Install and adjust onto the wiper post for proper movement

This will take about 20 minutes per blade and will give a much improved wiper operation

Tip Courtesy of Reg Hahn

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