17 Apr

New 4 Wheelers in the US? – Not Likely Anytime Soon!

All of us in the US have been following closely the new regulations that allow Morgan to create cars for import into the US.   Some of us have happily placed orders and paid deposits to the dealers.  The rumors had been at least new Roadsters would find their way to the US.  I have to believe this is still possible but . . .

I am not the only one skeptical.   The Morgan blog thinks otherwise as the MMC is currently at production capacity and selling everything they produce, now, without the US cars.  It’s a question of their motivation.

And, it doesn’t appear to just be just the bloggers and their speculation.  They are talking the MMC management directly and drawing their conclusions from these discussions.

Some quotes from the blog.

“I’ve heard that Morgan isn’t really interested in filling those [US] orders (325 cars) as they are selling every car they can build right now and have no interest in expanding, ramping up production, etc.”

“I talked to [MMC Management] about this very issue earlier in the year. 
No real interest in filling the [US] orders. 

“Production is at capacity, without adding an extra shift to extend the working day they cannot make more…and to do this would require a major change to the organisation of the production side of the business. 
Also, it would need a new team of craftsmen to do the work. They have enough trouble training/finding people to replace retirees and leavers.” 

“There is no realistic way they can go from 750 cars to 1000.”

Hopefully, we are all wrong, and new cars will come to the US in the coming months, however I am not holding my breath.


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