18 Apr

There May be More to the Story re: New Morgans in the US

Yesterday I posted some words that may have caused some concern about the availability of new Morgans in the US in the near future.

The main premise of my post was that, based on information obtained from sources I believe to be credible, they speculated that the MMC might not have the motivation to produce cars for the US.

It was thought that producing cars for the US would necessitate changes in the MMC production rates and methods and these are seen as challenges.

I have been subsequently been informed, by additional credible sources, that the MMC is not really concerned about production challenges at this point in time.  In reality, it is all the prerequisites – the legal details necessary to allow Morgan imports to the US – that have yet to occur.   And, the MMC does want to have a US market in the future.

So bottom line, regardless of their motivation at the moment, the MMC hands are tied.  We can only really speculate when and if, once all the details regarding the laws are resolved.

As this has yet to happen, we can try to accelerate the US Government’s actions by notifying our congressional representative of our desires.


One thought on “There May be More to the Story re: New Morgans in the US

  1. As a dealer in Florida and the region I speak regularly (twice weekly) with the factory. Yes much of this is true But I am wondering who your sources are? I can give you answers without speculation …. 🙂

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