29 Jun

Goodwood Festival of Speed (www.telegraph.co.uk)

My first car – Lord March: ‘I believe I hold the land speed record from London to Goodwood’

Charles Gordon-Lennox, Earl of March and Kinrara, is one of Britain’s foremost petrolheads and opens his house and driveway this weekend for the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed. The event draws many of the world’s most storied and valuable sports and racing cars, and many of their original drivers. As for Lord March, he loves American hot rods and has owned many Porsches and Ferraris, but the motor closest to his heart is an elegant old Lancia.

Tell us about your first car…

It was a 1936 Morgan 3-wheeler , because my parents were determined to keep me off motorcycles and it seemed like a compromise. I found it for £200, and it was lethal.

It was made of plywood and had a wobbly back wheel, which actually fell off once as I drove to my girlfriend’s house in the next village. Yet I loved it; I was 16, in my leather jacket and goggles, and off I went.

How old were you when you started getting…

[For those of you interested, Lord March is the host of, and on who’s property is held, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival.  The 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed began today and ends on Sunday,  July 2.  The Goodwood revival is later in the Fall and runs Friday – Sunday, September 8 – 10.  I have never been to the Festival of Speed, but I have been to the Revival and trust me, it is a ‘must do’ for all of us.  Mark]


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