4 thoughts on “2019 MOGSouth’s GatorMOG Chapter’s Fall Noggin – Daytona Florida 15/16 November 2019 – Photo Gallery

  1. Am a Charter Member of The Gator Mogs (my late wife, Barbara, and I joined back in the late 80’s (possible 1990), and drove our 1961 +4 4-seater (which we brought from Syracuse, NY when we moved here in 1989) from Ormond Beach to the Moroso Track in W.Palm Beach for the Charter Meeting…….which was organized by Perry Nuhn. And in that The Gator Mogs was absorbed into MogSouth, have continued my membership with that Group…..although not as active as I’d like to be ‘cuz I’m not getting any younger (just turned 86)……..but still have my +4, and added a 1981 + 8 (RHD) in 1992. Always eager to talk Morgans “7/24”.

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