22 Jul

MOGSouth Name Badges – Got One??

[It occurred to me in the middle of the night that some folks may want MOGSouth Name Badges. If you are new to the club, or simply can’t find yours, we’re here for you!! In case you are wondering, they look like the picture below. They are available for $8.00 plus shipping. I can’t remember what the shipping is, so let’s say $2.00 each. If you want one, simply send an email to MOGSouth@yahoo.com and provide us with what you want the badge to say (Name, nickname, Alter Ego, etc.), put a check in the mail to Mark Braunstein (address on the membership roster) and we’ll get the process started! And, be patient. They will take a bit of time to get created and mailed. FYI, they either come with the little magnetic device that magically attaches to your garment but leaves no holes or the old ‘pin it to your shirt’ style! Let me know if you have a preference. Cheers, Mark]

4 thoughts on “MOGSouth Name Badges – Got One??

  1. Looks great! The printing seems to be larger — the printing of the earlier badges was difficult to read.
    Thanks for the improvement.

  2. While we are on the subject of regalia, is there any likelihood of having face masks made up with embroidered Morgan logos (eg, wings, script, silhouette, MOG South)? As long as we gotta wear these things, might as well “show the colors”. Just a thought……………

  3. Hi Mark , I would like to get a badge with my name : Bill Sirine. I will drop a check in the mail today for $ 10.00. Please let me know you received this request . Thanks , Bill

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