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2022 MOGSouth Noggin (4 Mar 2022) and Cars and Coffee at Amelia Island (5 Mar 2022)

The Amelia Island Concours is now owned by Hagerty.   While a few things have changed, most things have remained the same.   ‘The Amelia’ as they now call it will continue to have the Cars and Coffee event on the Saturday (Mar 5, 2022) prior to the Concours, however it is now called ‘Cars & Caffeine’. 

MOGSouth will continue to have the Friday evening Noggin on (Mar 4, 2022) at the Surf Restaurant along A1A, 3199 S. Fletcher Avenue, Fernandina Beach, FL.

As of 13 January, ‘The Amelia’ has yet to announce the requirements for attendance at the ‘Cars & Caffeine’ event on Saturday 6 March, nor have they posted the requisite application form or process. We continue to monitor their web site daily and will broadcast an email to the MOGSouth membership as soon as they do post the information. We are assuming it will operate just how it has before. However, things may change so be flexible. So, bottom line, put the dates on the calendar, and when we get the word, we will let you know!

Also, there will be no designated hotel in Jacksonville this year, nor any designated convoy of Morgans coming from Jacksonville to Amelia Island on Saturday morning. Some folks are staying on Amelia Island, as there are a number of new hotels there, while others are continuing to stay in Jacksonville. The A Loft Hotel used by MOGSouth for the 2021 Fall Meet was well received and some folks are going back there.  

We will convene the MOGSouth Noggin around 5 PM, on Friday (Mar 4, 2022) evening, at the Surf Restaurant.  We used this location last year and there were no complaints.  Food was fine, beer was cold, there was plenty of space (both indoors and outdoors) and plenty of parking!   Tics all the boxes!!

There is sufficient covered space on their patio if the weather doesn’t cooperate (but just in case, I might bring a jacket or wind breaker!)  Also, I don’t know what the regional virus requirements will be, so do bring a mask.  And, please don’t come if you are feeling ill or have any symptoms.

The Saturday ‘Cars and Caffeine’ event (Mar 5, 2022) will be held as usual on the golf course near the Ritz, the day before the Sunday Concours. 

If it is like last year, you must have applied, paid a registration fee and received back an acceptance ‘ticket’ in the mail.  (They have limited space so folks that wait to apply will likely be turned away.)  Bring this ticket on Saturday.  (In the past, the acceptance ‘ticket’ has been a letter of acceptance with a windshield sticker.  I am not sure what this year’s acceptance ‘ticket’ will be.)  Whatever it may be, without it, they are not likely to let you into the show with your car, so bring it.   

And if there is any uncertainty as to whether you will go or not, don’t wait, just apply anyway and get your acceptance ‘ticket.’   There are always folks that applied too late or for some other reason did not get an acceptance ‘ticket’ and would like one.   Let us know and we will try to play match maker with your acceptance ‘ticket.’ 

As is the norm, all the Morgans will rendezvous on Saturday morning (Mar 5, 2022) at 0730 (yes, I know this is early but . . . ), at the front of the Surf Restaurant.  (Going in together assures we are parked together.)   There is parking in the lot out front of the Surf Restaurant where we will convene.  (Note: We will only stay a few minutes and then head off to the Cars and Coffee location.)  This will give us sufficient time to drive to the Cars and Coffee event and get parked together in the designated Morgan area. 

If you miss our little convoy (we will leave the Surf NLT 0800 Saturday morning) you may not be parked with the rest of the Morgans.

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