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SAVE THE DATES (7 – 9 March 2025)!!

SAVE THE DATES (7 – 9 March 2025)!!

As a result of the overwhelming support from MOGSouth and GatorMOG at the two recent cars and coffee events at Amelia Island (the Friday event, the Classic Motorsports Amelia Island Kickoff (1 March 2024) and the Saturday event, the Amelia Island Cars & Community, sponsored by Hagerty (2 March 2024)) we will likely put these events on the calendar again for next year (2025).  

These two events in 2025 will again be anchored by another MOGSouth Noggin either Friday (7 March 2025) or Saturday (8 March 2025) evening.  We are currently in work with the Surf Restaurant to host our event once again.  More information will be disseminated once it is available.  Also, the weekend includes many other automotive activities culminating in the Concours d’Elegance on Sunday (9 March 2025). 

So, save these the dates, 8 – 9 March 2025.  Plan on a fun weekend full of MOGSouth / GatorMOG activities and a weekend of good Florida weather.

A big thanks to Tim Suddard at Classic Motorsports, Jennifer Grosse at Hagerty and the staff at the Surf Restaurant, for supporting our club’s efforts over the weekend. 



4 thoughts on “SAVE THE DATES (7 – 9 March 2025)!!

  1. The Friday event wasn’t anything special don’t think we will go ( $47.00 ? ).
    Amelia has some great restaurants the Surf didn’t even know we were going there. MaryAnn got us the room and tables $$$ they said no reservations.Great space just ok nothing special. We all thought you hated Hagerty and didn’t want anything to do with it. Notice you didn’t attend Saturday it was fabulous. The other events at the Ritz hotel was also fabulous the lunch, auction, ride and drives. We sent a letter to Jennifer a big thanks and invited us back next year

  2. In addition to the other festivities, we very much enjoyed Christopher and JP at the wine and cheese event at Christopher John’s vendor tent on Saturday night. Also thanks to Mary for the afternoon lunch in her front yard with some local MOGs on Saturday afternoon.
    I enjoyed the Surf dinner and thought they did a great job with a big crowd on a busy night.
    We made the trip down from Georgia and had a great time meeting the Florida group. They were very friendly and fun and we plan on making the trip again. Thanks to all those who organized it.

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