26 Nov

Morgan 3 Wheeler declared road legal, will remain on sale through 2017 and beyond (http://www.caradvice.com.au/)

In a quick about face, the Morgan 3 Wheeler has been re-certified as compliant with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and will remain on sale.

[The end of M3W imports into Australia was previously reported. It now appears that this report was premature and they have changed their minds.  This is great news!!    It doesn’t however mention any change to the position that trad bodied Morgans have been stopped as well.  As you all know, Morgans and import laws are always at odds.  Standby.  Mark] 

Around two weeks ago Morgan informed its customers and fans that new versions of the 3 Wheeler would no longer be available for registration in Australia from November 2017 due to proposed changes to the ADRs.

As such, anyone who had an interest in the distinctive vehicle would need to place their orders soon in order to ensure delivery before the registration cutoff date.

Now, it seems, anyone dithering about whether they should get a 3 Wheeler can continue to do so without a hard deadline hovering over their heads.

In an update posted to their website, the company’s local arm says that after a submission to the federal Department of Transport it is able “to confirm that the approval for the Morgan 3 Wheeler has been updated and this unique vehicle will now be available for sale into the foreseeable future”.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is available locally from $93,900 before on-road costs. Launched down under in January 2015, the Australian versions of the car already feature a number of design changes to make it ADR compliant, including a quieter induction system, padded steering wheel and dashboard, repositioned indicators and lights, a collapsable steering column, and a wind deflector.

We’re still waiting to hear back from Morgan about what the proposed ADR changes were and how they were able to convince the department to re-certify the 3 Wheeler.

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