07 Dec

Local distributor resolves ADR hurdles impeding sales of iconic British sports cars (http://www.motoring.com.au/)

In the On Again, Off Again Battle – Morgans Are Legal Again – In Australia!!

[According to the Australian motoring press Morgans are again in compliance with the ADR and the favorable exchange rate with the UK make them just a bit more affordable.    Mark ]

It has not been possible to take delivery of a new Morgan sports car in Australia throughout much of 2016, due to the impact of revised Australian Design Rules.

But that issue has been sorted, according to the brand’s local distributor. And reinstatement of ADR approval for the Morgan range brings with it lower prices, due to a more favourable exchange rate with the Pound sterling since the BREXIT vote.  The range and pricing (in Australian $$) are now as follows:

4/4 – $89,900
Plus 4 – $99,800
Roadster – $139,500
Plus 8 – $220,000
Aero 8 – $275,000
3Wheeler – $93,900

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