25 Apr

MOGSouth Spring Meet 2017 – Greenville SC

What a great meet!! We had a ball!!

A superb location, a superb turnout and a great itinerary of events for the Club membership.  Greenville, SC has certainly grown up since I lived there around the turn of the century.  I was lost on almost every street we took.   The downtown has been transformed with cobbled streets, quaint gas lights, and gardens and trees aligning main street.   A plethora of shops, cafes and other delights were in place and we had numerous opportunities during the weekend to stroll and enjoy the sights.   The only challenge we had was parking.   No different than any other busy downtown.

The Spring Meet turn out was quite good and I was amazed at the variants of Morgan cars.  Series 1, 4/4s with Lotus Twin Cam, CVH, 1600, Plus 4 2 Strs, 4 Strs, DHCs, Flat Rads, Aero 8, Roadsters, Plus 8s and even Joe Speetjens in his Corvette powered Plus 8.   Lots of oohs and aahs and lots of tires to kick.  I think I counted 17 cars but might have missed one or two.

Members came from far and wide. In attendance were;
1. Graeme & Jenny Addie
2. Emma & Brian Slater (Graeme & Jenny’s daughter & Family)
3. Chuck & Karen Bernath
4. John Bigler
5. Mark & Andrea Braunstein
6. Austin & Jinny Britton
7. Pat & Judy Buckley
8. Lynn Craig
9. Rick & Sam Frazee
10. Lee & Trisha Gaskin
11. Gene Spainhour & Pat Harris
12. Gary & Judy Heck
13. Fred & Gay Hollinger
14. Richard & Janet Ihns
15. Andy & Anne Leo
16. Lance & Connie Lipscomb
17. Gene & Betsy McOmber
18. Brian & Rosie Miller
19. Dorothy & Glenn Moore
20. Ian & Barbara Shelmerdine
21. Joe & Cynthia Speetjens
22. John & Debbie Stanley
23. Robert & Nancy Ullerich

Saturday morning was a drive through the twisty bits to Ceasars Head State Park and then to lunch, a short drive away, at the Hotel Domestique.  Wonder drives, views and it was great to top it all off with as superb lunch.  Then back down the mountain and more exploring in and around Greenville.

Custom Sketch from Caesars Head SC by Lynn Craig. [I have better resolution if desired. Send me an email. Mark]

Dinner was at the Liberty Tap Room and Grill right nest to Flour Field, the local Baseball Stadium.  The place was electric as there was a ball game going on as well.  I was surprised the Liberty Tap Room and Grill could handle our crowd.  They did and the dinner was great.   (Be sure to see the pictures in the Photo Gallery. Event Photos )

Sunday came with a threat of rain, but we didn’t really get hit, heading south for Florida.  We heard others, heading north and west, did get a downpour.  Well, no amount of rain could put a damper on the meet.

‘Job Well Done’ to the Leos (Andy and Anne) and the Buckleys (Pat and Judy) who organized the event!!

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