19 Apr

Book Report – “Buying and Maintaining a Modern Traditional Morgan” by David Wellings

The new Morgan book, “Buying and Maintaining a Modern Traditional Morgan”, by David Wellings, has just come out, and it is terrific!

While most Morgan texts deal with the history of the company that we all know, David writes about innovative ways to tweak your Morgan to make it more “you”. He concentrates primarily on the 1997 – 2018 models in the traditional line, but many of the ideas apply to any age of our 4-wheeled trads.

He writes briefly about buying a new versus older model, and provides one with good reasons for both. He underlines the major factor in buying a car – Never buy one without actually looking at it and driving it!

Other chapters deal with practical aspects of maintaining your Morgan and making it better, including ways to “keep the rain out”, protecting the wings and body tub, how to and where to select and fit various accessories, adapting the Morgan suspension, making yourself a tool tray (giving many how-to pictures), and how to construct different types of undertrays and front valances, among other ideas.

The book is packed with 192 pages of pictures as well as commentary. For example, David tells you how to cure the Morgan whistle (which I never knew existed!), and what type of hammers to use for various things.

It is a well-deserved addition to any Morgan owner’s library, and will be spending much of its time out in my garage with my car!

Buy it, you’ll like it!

Tony McLaughlin

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