28 Dec

Morgan History Lesson Documentary (Discovery)

This is a bit of a rehash of Morgan History narrated by some known Morgan personalities, e.g. Charles Morgan, Peter Morgan, Chris Booth, etc. Many of you will know have this information well ingrained but others are new(er) to the marque and some of this might be new. Regardless, a good refresher.

With all the speculation about the Plus 6, North American Imports, Component Cars, the changed attitudes at Morgan, etc., it is nice to revisit what was and for many of us, an understanding of why we are here in the first place. No real drama, perhaps a pleasant moment with the morning coffee. Enjoy, Mark

2 thoughts on “Morgan History Lesson Documentary (Discovery)

  1. Don’t know why I hadn’t seen this presentation before. It appears to have been done in the 70’s? Geart history of Morgans lesson.

  2. Great video. Thanks Mark. Found the comment ay 9:20 very interesting: “You have to try very hare to turn one over but some people have managed it”. Hmmm.

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