19 Jul

Fly the Flag!! New MOGSouth / Morgan Items for Sale!!

Chris Bernath, son of MOGSouth members Chuck and Karen Bernath has time on his hands and the tools and talent to make interesting things!!

He has crafted two license plate sized metal signs, one with Morgan script and one with MOGSouth.  These are perfect for states where there isn’t a front license plate requirement.   Put in on your Morgan or put it on your daily driver! 

“These products are made from 14 Gauge, 304 Grade Stainless-Steel and burnished to a Matte finish by hand.  We recommend use of a Stainless-Steel Appliance cleaner/protector to keep this product free from fingerprints and other stains.  Included is a backing of black or white depending on what looks best against the vehicle. Price for these is $55 each and includes shipping within the contiguous  US.    

The V8 sign is something new Chris is making for car lovers.   This lighted sign is 30” x 23” and is selling for $350 which includes shipping.  Limited supply of each but orders can be taken.”

To order – Contact Karen Bernath @ bhilda44@gmail.com if interested. 

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