02 Sep

Morgan gears up for Selfridges partnership (http://www.bqlive.co.uk/)

Selfridges is teaming up with Malvern-based car manufacturer, Morgan, to celebrate the launch of the its first zero emission, all-electric car.


With Morgan about to launch the EV3 and Selfridges motoring ahead with its drive to put sustainability at the core of its business, the historic firms are now set to collaborate.

Selfridges and Morgan are creating a limited edition of the EV3, called UK 1909 Edition, blending Morgan’s legendary engineering know-how and iconic design with Selfridges’ famous flair for fashion.

The result is a collector’s item car that combines beauty, practicality, comfort and speed. The UK 1909 Edition will only ever be made in a limited edition run of 19 – a number that is a nod to the year during which both Selfridges and Morgan were founded.

Selfridges has also enlisted nine British brands, including Alexander McQueen and Belstaff, to produce a driving kit with sustainable accessories for contemporary recreational motorsports fans. The kits will be priced separately but can only be ordered with the car.

The contributing brands have found Britain-based artisans to manufacture their contributing accessory, instead of manufacturing it overseas as they do with their main lines, to ensure all elements of the UK 1909 Edition, from the car to the driving kit, are exclusively handmade in the UK.

The full driving kit also features brands such as Globetrotter, Christopher Raeburn, George Cleverley, Richard James, Linda Farrow, Karl Donoghue and Dents.

The UK 1909 Edition will be officially launched in store at Selfridges Birmingham – near the site of the Morgan factory – on 1 October and in London Oxford Street on 1 November.

The UK 1909 Edition and complementary driving kit will be manufactured from November 2016 and will be delivered to each customer within six months.


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