3 thoughts on “Plus 8 Tire Pressure??

  1. The best guide is your little Morgan Car Manual that came with the car. I have learned to set my cold tire pressure at 21-22 psi. You can increase that to 24-25 psi if using highways for long trips, but only because it improves fuel mileage and the sacrifice to handling and comfort is less important. As for people who tell you that high pressures (25 psi +) are much better, I would dismiss this. The car should ride hard, bounce or as one member mentioned, a too high pressure will make the car ‘ride like a truck’.

  2. I had new Vredestein tires fitted last year and the suppliers recommended pressures of 21/22 psi. This seems to suit the car which after all only weighs about 2000lbs.

  3. It may depend on the year of the car. Our 1971 Plus 8 originally had 185R15 tires and the owner manual recommendation is 22 psi front/rear for normal driving and 26 psi front/rear for extended high speed runs (although you could go higher than that if necessary for autocrossing). I normally leave mine at 22 but a couple of weeks ago I raised it to 26 psi for a run to a neighboring county and found it produced an objectionably rough ride, so it’s back to 22 psi for me. The tires currently on the car are 205/65R15 and I use the same pressures as I did on the original type tires.

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