12 Sep

All British Car Fayre, 10 September 2016 – Norcross GA


OK, my brother Mark got all of the car genes.  I wouldn’t know a carburetor from a clutch, while MacGyver, here, can pull a whatchamacallit out of little duffle bag of tricks on a dusty country road, miles from the nearest anything, and get us happily motoring again.  That being said, I do know what I like.


I like form.  I like the way chrome and leather and wood and glass and steel and color come together to become a thing of beauty.  I also like old historic towns and a nice British Tea.  I got to enjoy them all on Saturday, as Norcross, Georgia hosted the British Car Fayre.

It was a hot, steamy day but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm at this well attended and well organized show.  An air conditioned shuttle dropped us off just a short block’s walk from the show.  As an added bonus the Sunbeam Tiger and Sunbeam Alpine East groups were also holding their annual meet, so we were treated to a nice array of Sunbeams as we approached the rest of the Fayre.

We were just in time for the arrival of the ‘Queen’ in a lovely Rolls Royce, preceded by a pipe and drum corps.  I can’t help with the details on the car.  It was red and black and very regal.  I think the real Queen would have enjoyed a ride in it, I know I would.

Next up were the Jags – a personal favorite of mine.  They neatly lined the street; as did one Delorean, and the rest of the Rolls; as we made our way to the Masonic Lodge for tea.  After tea, hosted by the Daughters of the British Empire, we made our way past the Lotuses to the Morgans.

The Morgans were well represented and had a nice spot in a shaded parking lot next to the Iron Horse Tavern that was wrapping up fish and chips to go.  Since we’d just finished tea, we passed on the fish and chips. Randy Johnson greeted me with, “your brother said you’d be here!”  Guess Mark gave him fair warning, haha!  Dave and Marilyn Bondon also had a car, as did Morgan Bondon, but I missed seeing them.  After a quick look at the Triumphs and the Bentleys, it was time to head to The Taste of Britain shop for some provisions and then head back to our car via that mercifully air conditioned shuttle.


Seeing the Morgans got me even more excited for my encore performance as chase car driver for the upcoming Morgans to the Keys trip in October.  Hope to see some of you then!


P.S. – My brother also got all the photography genes, but hopefully these shots give you a little taste of the Fayre!


Words and Music – Barbara Curasi (Mark Braunstein’s Sister)




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