12 Jan

On the road in Morgan’s 3 Wheeler (www.standard.co.uk )

‘Take the Morgan,’ they said. ‘It’s there to be enjoyed,’ they said…

There are no bad cars nowadays. There’s just bad car choice.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is by no means a bad car. But choosing it for a 70-mile trip down the M3 on a freezing winter’s night? That’s not just bad. It’s verging on masochism.

It takes a special kind of madness to relish an experience like this. No journey has ever been so uncomfortable.

Imagine your worst traffic jam experience, then subtract about 20 degrees from the temperature in the climate-controlled cabin of your commuter-mobile. Imagine that when you do finally get moving at any sort of speed, the wind chill makes it even more miserable than being sat there in a sucking pit of Friday night misery.

Imagine that every lorry you pass fires shoals of grit in your face. Imagine a ride that feels like someone’s poured several pounds of said grit into a washing machine, thrown you in there with it and set it to fast spin.

Imagine how under such circumstances, the small bulb illuminating the speedo is about the closest thing to a friend you feel like you’ve got in the whole world.

Now imagine that bulb snuffing it with miles still to go before your journey is brought to an end by the sweet relief of home.

Most of all, though, imagine arriving home… completely smitten with this lovely, lovely car. Because that’s exactly what happened.

It would be pushing it to say we drove right past our front door and on to enjoy another few miles. But despite all the suffering, we had been completely charmed by the Morgan’s wonderfully old-school nature.

It’s not just the fact that it’s so cheerfully raw and involving to drive, either. It’s knowing that whenever you stop, people will gather round and ask if they can be your friend. Admittedly, a few blips of the throttle sent one of them scurrying off in tears, but we’re fairly sure that was just jealousy.

Either way, when people see you in one of these they fall in love with you, in exactly the way they wouldn’t if you were behind the wheel of any other eye-catching sports car. That’s unless they see you on the motorway on a cold Friday night, of course, in which case their overwhelming reaction is likely to be one of sympathy.

Which is all wrong, really. Because behind those chattering teeth, you’ll be the happiest driver for miles around.


Price £31,800
Price as tested £34,567
Economy 26.8mpg
Faults None
Expenses None

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