18 Sep

2019 GatorMOG Fall Noggin – Daytona, FL (Nov) – Sep 18th Update

Each person must have a ticket for the weekend at the Daytona International Speedway. Your good looks alone (nor driving a Morgan) will not get you in without a ticket!! Buy your tickets on line as it is cheaper that at the gate.

There is a discount code provided here that will get you a reduced cost ($5 per ticket order) for your Daytona International Speedway tickets. It isn’t a huge discount but it is something. Every little bit helps!!

  1. Go to: https://www.hsrtickets.com/34-2019-classic-24-hour
  2. Select the ticket package you want
  3. Enter code: MOGCL24 to receive $5 off the online ticket order price. If you order two tickets you will get only one 5$ discount. (This will save you $10 off the price at the gate)

If you order each ticket separately you can save $5 per ticket. You must completely LOG OUT from the first purchase however and go back to the link and create a separate account (I used the Spouse’s name). It keys on the account name. (Only one discount per name.) I made it work and got two 5$ discounts.

The following picture includes a location map for the Morgan / George Waltman Celebration corral. (It is the green box on the map)

We will be on pavement, across from the Owner/Driver lot, with an easy straight walk to the paddock, where Christopher John LTD., will be located.

  • Event Schedule (15 / 16 November) Plaza Hotel in Daytona
  • Friday Schedule (15 November 2019)
    • Hotel Arrival – No Scheduled Events at Track (a Morgan Owners Noggin/Beer Call at 5PM in the Hotel Bar)
  • Saturday Schedule (16 November 2019)
    • 0730 – Morgans depart Hotel
    • 0900 – Lunch Hour Daytona Speedway Events. Car Corral, New Car Displays, Morgan Q&A
    • Lunch Hour – Parade Laps for Morgan Cars Only (3 Laps – TBD)
    • 1400 – 1500 –  Historic Racing Discussion Group w/ Morgan Racers Past & Present (if desired.)
    • 1515 – Tour of Daytona Speedway Archives (and Waltman Display)
    • 1700 – 1900 – Daytona Morgan Dealer Open House @ Christopher John Ltd. (Leave Morgans Parked at Christopher John Ltd.)
    • 1730 – Copper Bottom Distillery Tour and Cocktail Party (Vicinity of Christopher John LTD)
    • 1900 – Caribbean Jack’s Group Dinner (10 Minute Walk)
    • After Dinner Walk back to get Morgans, Drive to Hotel (1 Mile)
  • Sunday Schedule (17 November 2019)
    • 0730 – Morgans depart Hotel
    • 0900 – Lunch Hour – Daytona Speedway Events.  TBD
    • Lunch Hour – Morgans Depart for Home (Time TBD)

We will depart from the hotel at 0730 sharp on Saturday (16 November) morning. Make our way across town to the track, find our designated location and get set up.

05 Sep

2019 GatorMOG Fall Noggin – A Celebration of George Waltman – Daytona Florida (Nov) – Hurricane Update

All of the supporting cast (hotel, restaurant, etc.) have been called and everyone is fine following Hurricane Dorian. This is great news as the plans are set and everything is under control (well, as much as it ever is!)

The only thing still in work are our tickets to the event at the track. We have not as yet gotten our promised ‘discount code’ from HSR which will allow us to buy our tickets to the Daytona International Speedway (DIS) for the HSR Classic 24 hours of Daytona (November 15/16/17) online at some reduced or discounted cost.

I am sure we will have this code soon as I suspect that the folks at HSR and DIS are still busy with the post hurricane clean up. I will let you all know as soon as we get the word on how this will work.

As of now, we have about 35 people and 15 cars participating in the event. A great turn out! Thank you!!

26 Jul

2019 GatorMOG Fall Noggin – A Celebration of George Waltman – Daytona Florida (Nov)

If you didn’t know – George Waltman is our hero!!

As was reported, George took a 1964 Morgan Plus 4 out of an Police impound lot in the Bronx in 1968. He then drove the Morgan to Daytona Florida and entered it in the 24 Hours of Daytona. He drove the entire race by himself, without co-drivers or even a pit crew! He didn’t win but he did finish!

GatorMOG is honoring George Waltman over the weekend of the 15 – 16 November in Daytona, Florida.

This is the weekend that Historic Sports Racing (HSR) is holding their ‘Classic’ 24 hours of Daytona. We have this event labeled as a ‘GatorMOG’ event, but that is simply because it is in Florida. Really, everyone is welcome to come south and join us. It looks to be quite the weekend.

We are still finalizing the details with HSR but have confirmed our participation at the Daytona International Speedway, during their ‘Classic’ 24 Hours of Daytona. We have racing roundels for each participant Morgan. We plan to have a Morgan Car Corral right in the heart of DIS, hopefully laps of the famed Daytona International Speedway (DIS) for the Morgans (if time allows), a tour of the DIS Archives as well as commemorative T-Shirts for the Morgan participants.

We also have lined up a Open House at the local Morgan Dealer, Christopher John, Ltd on Saturday afternoon, followed by a cocktail party and a group dinner. FYI, the dinner is within walking distance of Christopher John’s dealership.

The designated hotel for the event is the Plaza Resort and Spa (600 N. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach, FL 32118) and is just about 1 mile away from Christopher John’s.

To make reservations for this hotel, The Plaza Resort & Spa, click on the link or call 1-866-500-5630 and ask for the MORGAN CAR CLUB room block.

But, there is a trick to the link!! Click the link and when the calendar comes up, click on the day you will arrive and the day you leave. For example, if you plan a two day stay, click the 15th (arrival) and click the 17th (checkout).

Note:  If you would like to book room types other than Sunset View (the basic room rate) or if you would like to book nights other than 11/15 and/or 11/16, you will need to use the toll-free number rather than the on-line link.

This looks to be a grand celebration of George Waltman and his accomplishments, as well as the Morgan car! Please send me an email (mogsouth@yahoo.com) if you are planning on attending. This is just so I can manage the hotel’s and restaurant’s expectations. Thanks, Mark